So I finally saw the show, Life’s Too Short by Merchant & Gervais.  It was not nearly as funny as I thought it would be.  It is a fake documentary about little person, Warwick Davis, and how he is trying to improve his career.  Now, I loved the show Extras that was written, directed, and starring Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais so I was excited to see this follow up.  However, the show was just a little bit better than The Office which I did not like.  Life’s Too Short had a guest star every week and some of them were also in Extras.  It turns out the best parts were the guest stars and most of them I saw on YouTube beforehand.  One part that I really liked was when Warwick was going grocery shopping and he used a sponge mop that he got from a bucket to knock things off high shelves.  I thought that was a great and practical idea.  I’m very short as well, not little person short, and I hate having to figure out how to get things off of high shelves.  Sadly in the show, a security guard told Warwick he had to put the mop back or buy it and the mop was taken away from him.  I thought that must be some sort of discrimination.  Besides that I only laughed at minor things.  They did kind of go overboard on the silliness.  The good thing about Extras was that everything that happened to the main character was believable even though they were unlikely.  The things that happened in this new show were too much to laugh it.  It just left you thinking yeah like that would happen.  Ricky and Steve were in this show a minor amount of time and they showed themselves as superstars that everyone wants a piece of and they were sick of it.  I don’t know if that’s what they wanted.  I think it went beyond parody to being holier than thou.  That disappointed me since I think they both have talent.  I know Ricky has another show that will be on Netflix called Derek and I am waiting to see that, but I’m not sure if Stephen is involved.  I still have to watch the extra features on the DVD which should be entertaining as per usual.