I’ve seen a few good shows this weekend. One show being “Mrs. Bradley Mysteries” and the other was “The Last Detective”. If you are looking for some good interesting comedies/mysteries these are something you should consider. Mrs. Bradley is a divorced woman from 1920s England who becomes a respected criminologist and she doesn’t like the traditional roles of women. The most enjoyable thing to me about it is that she speaks to the viewer by looking straight into the camera. I found it nice that her snappy comments are said to us (the audience). Diana Rigg plays Mrs. Adela Bradley and I had no real knowledge about her before this. She did have a role in the show “Extras” which is there first time I saw her. But, back in the day she was on a popular TV show called “The Avengers”. The other star of the show is her chauffeur, George Moody (played by Neil Dudgeon), who is very smart and just as sneaky as she is.

Some of the episodes featured Peter Davison playing Inspector Henry Christmas who was a big fan of Adela. After watching this, I thought about how much I like Davison’s acting and knew there was another crime show he had that I did not see yet, “The Last Detective”. I had already seen many of his shows like “All Creatures Great and Small” (that I never finished) and “Campion”. Now, I’ve only seen the pilot episode of this new show but that was enough for me to want to see the rest. It was the oddest cop show I have ever seen. First off his character’s name is Detective Constable Dangerous Davies. That should tell you this show is supposed to have some comedy. Early scenes showed the policeman trying to chase a young black man down to arrest him. I was laughing out loud and he was huffing and puffing trying to catch him. Then, the black guy jumps off a balcony into a pile of trash bags and injures his leg. They proceed to continue the chase with the black kid limping and the cop trying not to pass out. After that I thought well this is a parody. Dangerous gets handed a minor case to deal with and it’s obvious his boss does not like him. The case turns into a 20 year old missing person case. Moments of it were really dramatic like a serious cop series. But, at one point he gets a call to his estranged wife’s house to babysit because she has a surprise visitor. I thought I don’t think he should be taking care of a little child and of course it wasn’t a child but a giant dog (probably a St. Bernard). It was a mixture of seriousness and comedy that I don’t know if I was entertained or engaged. I’m guessing that’s a good thing to have both when your subject is crime and murder.

Today (Monday), Maury was really good. Another set of DNA tests was the subject with incredible people. First was a girl and her mother saying that he’s a deadbeat and were a million percent sure that he is the father. The girl’s mother let him move in with them because he needed a place to stay and oops her daughter ends up pregnant. Now, they are on Maury to prove he is the father. Guess what. He wasn’t and they said oh we are glad he’s not the father. Well, not as glad as he was. The next story was crazy. This guy said when he was 4 years old his private parts were run over by a “grand prix car” so there is no way he is the father of the kid plus he has had unprotected sex 500 times. See that’s crazy that I have to hear that. They always bring the new girlfriend to talk about why their boyfriend is not the father. Oops “you are not the father” and the girl runs off the stage. I guess he was right.  I love when the teenaged girls are on the show. Not only do they want to go on Maury but you know their parent(s) agreed for them to be on there as well. This girl got knocked up at 16 and is testing her kid. And the guy was not the father. It’s crazy when you are 16 and pregnant and don’t know who the father is. Now, the guy and his mother said they will be in the kid’s life because they are already attached but you know that won’t last. The teenaged girl said the only other people she slept with was a family member of the guy and some other guy that has died. The Maury show said we can do a grandparent test as well if you want. They need to keep a steady stream of DNA tests and me entertained I guess. For the best one of the show, this woman has been with a guy for 5 years and they have 2 kids. She left him one day and he asked where she was for 5 months. No wife no kids for 5 months. She has 2 secrets.

1. Cheated on him with about 12 guys.
2. Neither of the kids may be his.

She said the kids look Mexican (her boyfriend is) but she cheated on him with at least 6 Mexicans. Brilliant. The guy is all sad because he hasn’t seen her and she has been crying already. She said everyone makes mistakes and she loves him so much. He said 12 mistakes? So, he agrees to take a DNA test. A week goes by. And the results are in. He is the father of both the 2 year old and 11 months old as well. Lucky him.