I should really want to purchase this thing.  It’s great that there are girls starting to fight in the UFC and probably in future I will be a fan of one (or both) of these fighters.  However, my criteria for deciding whether I’m going to pay the money to watch is if there are 2 fights I really want to see and there is nothing here I need to see.  I have seen parts of their pre-game show about the pay-per-view and the girls seem like interesting characters.  I hope lots of people buy it and I hope to hear that the fight is amazing but I don’t know or care about either of them.  As a girl, I would love to train in MMA (not to compete of course) but just for the exercise and the ability to beat people up.  I did take some kickboxing classes years ago but it was just too expensive for me to continue at the time.  I would love to do something like that again.

My other problem with this is that the Ronda Rousey / Liz Carmouche fight is the main event.  Really?  Over Lyoto Machida and Dan Henderson?  I don’t know if I can believe that.  Did I mention that Urijah Faber is also fighting on this card?  If I was Hendo, I would think wow all my legendary status must be gone if people that never fought in the UFC before are billed ahead of me.  As a person who does not like Koscheck, I’m happy to see him at the bottom of the card.  I’m saving my money for St-Pierre / Diaz really which is worth it in itself.