I love British television and thanks to Netflix it’s the most I watch now. But, Canadian TV is randomly good. In the last few months I have seen 2 shows that are okay and less than okay. These shows are Robson Arms and Twitch City.

Robson Arms is about a bunch of people living in an apartment building and how they all intertwine. The stories were moderately interesting. I’m on the end of the last season. I only watched till the end to see if anything happens and so far it hasn’t. The reason I wanted to watch is because they had people listed from 2 of my 4 favorite Canadian shows (the other 2 to be named later), The Kids in the Hall and Corner Gas. I can’t even put into words how much I love KITH. I can’t even watch the shows now because I’m afraid they won’t seem as great as I remember. Someone at work told me about Corner Gas and it really amused me. I loved Wanda because she reminded me of myself.

Twitch City again there was a KITH connection. It is about a guy, his roommate, and his roommate’s girlfriend. The guy’s life revolves around TV especially one trashy talk show. Weirdness continues and I was semi-bored with it all. The one DVD I got had half the season on it but I have no desire to see the rest. I was disappointed.

The other great Canadian show is The Red Green Show of course. Rothchild’s Sewage and Septic Sucking Services? That is genius. I think most of the skits are subtlety amazing. So if you can recommend a good Canadian show preferably a comedy that an American can have access to let me know. I’ve been to Canada once for vacation and I thought it could be an interesting place to live but they need better TV.