Birthday cake is done. I had 1 big piece and it was good. I wanted to share lots of pics. The cake turned out well. I baked it in a bread pan and cut the top part off. It was not very sturdy so it took some time to cut it as it was partially crumbling in parts. The cake sat in the fridge overnight before icing.

IMG_1008  IMG_1012

Then, I covered the cakes with chocolate frosting and dried coconut. I cut the bottom layer in half to make it easier to transfer around.


I put a layer of ice cream on top of the bottom cake layer, put the top cake layer on, and then covered the whole thing with ice cream. I did freeze the cake overnight and smooth out the ice cream again.

IMG_1016  IMG_1018  IMG_1023

I made this whipped frosting and I tried to make it orange but I couldn’t get the color right so it ended up being a peach color. I like orange and blue together. I put some blue icing on the sides and put 2 pecan halves on top.

IMG_1026  IMG_1028  IMG_1027

I cut it down the middle to get a big middle piece. You can see the layers. The bottom cake layer got saturated with chocolate sauce. It was actually good and still surprisingly light.

IMG_1029  IMG_1031

Overall the birthday was good too. I got my taxes done. I’m the only one in the world who loves the paperwork of taxes. I love going through the instructions and having my calculator there.