This episode deserved a short post because of its amazing craziness. I’m going to use letters to distinguish between people. A is on the show because her sister, B, told her that she saw A’s husband (C) and A’s best friend (D) in bed together. B said they didn’t see her but she called her sister immediately to tell her. A got mad so she decided to get drunk and go have sex with D’s boyfriend to get back at them. The other part is that A is now pregnant and she doesn’t know who the father of her baby is. They start out with just A on stage and they bring everyone else to hear all this mess. Both C and D deny they did anything. A says that she believes her sister because she has no real reason to lie. They bring out D’s boyfriend and he seems calm enough. This is when A tells everyone that she slept with D’s boyfriend and he doesn’t deny it. C jumps up and attacks D’s boyfriend and they are taken off stage. The story ends with a lie detector test for B to see if she is telling the truth. Of course B was lying about all of it. Bill (the host) says that she is the cause of all this heartache. After a while B admits she was jealous of her sister and she saw C and D’s cars outside the house but didn’t see them in the bedroom. C said he is done with his wife whether the baby is his or not. The whole show was devoted to this one story.