So the gist of this story is that a Hooters Girl gets squeezed out of her job after she has brain surgery. They said she needs to wear a wig and she said it is painful for her to do so. The bosses slowly give her fewer hours until she has to quit because she is not making enough to live on. They thought her shaved head and giant scar would upset the customers. In the article it mentions that she is in school to become a nurse. I guess that is supposed to make me think of her as a real person. Since she had to quit, she could not get unemployment therefore she is suing. My thoughts were that she’s paid for her looks to work there and now she looks less appealing. I don’t think she should get any money. I’m sure she can get a job at a real restaurant. She really should have thought about that before the surgery. Even if her employers said it would be fine for her to come back with no hair, what else were they going to say to her? Then she could really have a reason to sue them. Maybe they can hire her back and have her wear a lower cut shirt and they won’t even notice her head.