So at that advice of others around me, I decided to go on a mini-vacation before my unemployment. I drove over to Colorado Springs, CO for a few days. The drive was so boring; there was just nothing to look at in western KS & eastern CO. I was happy in my hotel and I went on several tours to see the sights. The first full day, I saw 3 attractions. I got lost on my way to the Cave of the Winds but managed to get there just as my tour was starting. It was funny that some of the places were so narrow and low. I’m about 5ft and several times I had to duck or be completely bent over. Here is one of my pictures.


After the Cave, I went to Seven Falls. It has 7 different waterfalls in this park as well as hiking trails. To get to the trials you need to go up 224 steps (pictured below) and I walked all the way up there. The trails looked so steep that I didn’t want to try that. I went up the steps and took some pictures and that was enough for me. I’m not even sure how I got up the steps really. Partially being out of shape (though I did lose 3 lbs this week) or the high altitude, but I did take some breaks.


Next was a jeep tour of the Garden of the Gods. It was nice to see all those big reddish rocks. I like rocks in general so all of this trip was geared around seeing all the rock/stone formations around town.


On the 2nd full day I did a 3.5 hr round trip train ride up Pike’s Peak which is a mountain about 14,000 ft up. That was really nice. When we got close to the top there was lightening and snow. I had some donuts that they said are famous because of a special recipe needed to make them as such a high altitude. This is a picture from the summit.


One of the good things about staying in hotels is the new TV shows/stations. I was watching this show, The Trisha Goddard Show, which I never saw before. It seemed like a Maury type show. I like that Trisha gives the DNA results to the person to see and read out to the audience. The first story is a girl saying her brother is not the father of his girlfriend’s kid. The sister said that the girl takes her brother’s disability checks, spends them in a few days, and then kicks the boyfriend out of the house. That’s funny. He is the father. The sister said she won’t call the kid an ugly bastard anymore. Apparently the girl targets men that get disability. That’s what the lie detector proved but she didn’t cheat on him. So this one story has 2 girls that are testing a guy to see if he is their father. They are in their 20s. The mother said he is not the father of either. The father thought he was the father of both. The father’s other daughter called the show to find out if the 2 girls are her sisters. The younger girl, 23, found out that he is her father. The other one is not his daughter. I don’t know why this show is not on in my area.

Yay, Jerry Springer! I randomly move to places that doesn’t broadcast Springer. I have no idea why. A good fight in the first 4 min and a wig came off. The wig was thrown out into the audience. This guy said he just had sex with his friend and she got knocked up. He said he wants her to have another kid with him but he doesn’t want to date her. Jerry asked why and he said he wants all his kids to have the same mother. Isn’t that brilliant? Jerry Springer should be mandatory viewing for America.

Today, I watched Fight Masters on Spike. It is a reality show for mixed martial artists that want to be in the big time fights. This is by Bellator, which I know nothing about. I’ve been strictly with the UFC, but The Ultimate Fighter started to bore me a few years ago. I got tired of seeing young kids ask like young kids on TV. It was too much like a look into a frat house which is not entertaining to me. Fight Masters seems different. I think the original airing of this premiere episode was yesterday It looks like people are fighting to get on the show, once they do that they have the chance to choose a coach. I liked that. Four coaches were there and only 3 that I have heard of (Greg Jackson, Randy Couture, and Frank Shamrock) and a guy named Joe Warren. Fights were good today and I liked to hear what the coaches had to say. I’ll definitely watch it next week.