It is Tuesday and I have been lured away from watching Dance Moms to watching Catfish on MTV.  I start out with an old episode from the first season I had not seen before.  The story:

Female stripper (Trina, in MD) finds a male stripper (Scorpio, in Atlanta) online.  They talked for a year, she has 3 pics from him, and he said he’s not good with technology so he can’t do Skype.  She said she wants to find a guy that is like her (i.e. a stripper) so she is not judged.  She said she is the type of girl that needs to be married.  The crew, Nev and Max, searches the social media world and find the pics but with a different name.  Uh oh.  Scorpio has 2 kids and she just told her friends.  They look shocked.  They contacted the guy he said he has 4 kids and that he recently moved to MD a month ago.  I bet she doesn’t know that.  Nope she didn’t any of that.  Trina is being taken to the house.  And of course, it wasn’t his pictures and he is not a stripper.  Oh and he’s 32 not 27.  She said she is 24.  Now is the sit down part where the catfisher tells the catfishee why they liked and how they want another chance.  One month later they are just friends and Trina is no longer stripping.  They arranged for her to be on the phone with the real Scorpio.  Isn’t that nice?

Last week’s episode:

Cassandra is engaged to Steve that she only met on the internet.  I don’t know how you get engaged (she proposed to him) to someone you never met in person.  Cassandra said when she met him she was drinking and being skanky after her father died and almost lost her college scholarship.  She thinks Steve is a rapper/producer and is too busy traveling to see her and not technically sound enough to video chat with her.  The crew meets up with Cassandra and her best friend, Gladys, to get their nails done to talk about how much Gladys was told about Steve.  Cassandra is upset that their preliminary research found the pics belong to a model not named Steve.  Next day of searching it turns out Steve music goes back to someone named Tony who happens to be Gladys’s cousin.  She is really upset now and wonders if Gladys knows.  So they go to Gladys’s house.  Gladys confesses that she made up Steve and got her cousin to talk to her for the phone parts.  I like how Cassandra walks off back to the car and gets in.  There is actually a camera in the passenger seat so you can see their facial reactions.  She actually calls her mom to tell her about it while in the car.  Gladys says made Steve up because she wanted Cassandra to stop being skanky.  She said she didn’t feel bad about it because Cassandra is better now but she is sorry for the way she did it.  Cassandra got to talk to Tony and later sat down with Gladys.  After two months, Gladys and Cassandra are still friends but not as close as they were before the incident.

New episode:

Anthony, wounded ex-military in TX, talked to Marq (Mississippi) for a 1yr and together for 7 mos.  When Anthony went to visit him he was stood up, but the guy said he was carjacked and run over by the car.  Wow, so Marq sends a pic with a person in it that Anthony knows.  That friend tells Anthony that the guy’s name in Josh.  Anthony has a whole lot of evidence on how this is a big mess.  I think he just wants confirmation.  Anthony is having a mini-meltdown.  Anthony said he cares but he is mad about all the lies.  Two profiles with the same picture, which is not good.  Oh goodness, Josh is video chatting saying he is not the guy and he didn’t know Anthony.  They look up the cell phone number and find a new name, which takes them back to Marq.  Uh oh they found pics and videos.  The guy is a large man lol.  Poor Anthony.  This guy should not be messing with military guys.  He killed people for a living.  Framel (the real name of Marq) has a nice little box hairdo.  What?! He was in the restaurant while Anthony was there.  Framel and Anthony argue Anthony storms off.  Oh no!  Anthony goes back in and apologies for being disrespectable.  Man, Framel was in an accident when he was young and he had to relearn how to function.  He was inactive and gained weight.  Of course you can imagine all the issues of being gay in MS.  Anthony doesn’t look happy.  Two months later, he is done with Framel aka Marq.  Framel has a new guy.  Everything worked out I guess.

Geeze, so for next week the guy gave his bank info to someone he has never met?!  I’m going to have to wait a whole week to find out what that is all about.