So I applied to have my federal student loans deferred and scheduled to have my cable shut off (keeping internet of course).  The same day I called the company, my cable started “acting up”.  At least 3 times today my picture has frozen up for no reason.  That used to happen randomly anyway but never every day and never several times a day.  I think they have a switch that says lost cause.  Now they can mess with me I guess.  I am also taking steps to cut down on my electricity to save money.  It is a work in progress.

Just now I was watching Fight Master which is the reality show for Bellator (a MMA organization).  I know nothing about Bellator so I need to learn how it works there.  The fights today were really good.  It all makes me want to train in MMA.  The day I have a good job and some extra cash I am going to find a place to learn MMA.  Some place that seriously takes girls who want to learn that stuff.  I took some kickboxing years ago which I loved but it was part kickboxing part exercise class.  It was taught by a woman who was competing in kickboxing so I assume she knew what she was doing.  I’m going to make that a new goal.