Since I watch all these things online, especially now that I’ve given up cable, I wanted to find a good way to share funny things I see.  Therefore, I got a youTube channel.  I know no one is going to sit through whole episodes to see the 2 min I’m describing. So you should expect many more video clips.  This is the first of 2 videos I will share.  This is a clip from the show QI about the puzzle jug I went crazy for awhile ago.  One day, I will have some of these.


Also, an update on my trials and tribulations.  Still no real job yet.  I’m going to have a phone interview next week so that is good.  Still no word on how much I’ll get in unemployment that applied for probably 3 weeks ago.  I did get info on what I could get but that isn’t official yet.  So just waiting.  Still trying to cut down on electricity but I’ll need to wait to see if it pays off when I get the next bill.  Since I’m driving less, I will save on gas and that apparently is going up in cost.  I know I should be talking about the political nonsense goings on but I’m still busy with all this job stuff.  Eventually when I know what is going on we will return to that.