I got a chance to find Dance Moms: Miami online the last couple weeks.  I think it is so much better than the original Dance Moms.  The Miami moms there are more angry/emotional.  This show features Stars Dance Studio in Miami, Florida.  Owners, Victor Smalley and Angel Armas, are so entertaining and know how to control the dance moms that attend their establishment.  The kids on this show actually have life to them and are not just pawns in the parent’s games.  Sometimes they are brats but kids are that way.  On the original Dance Moms the kids are like props in Abby Lee’s Dance Studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  You barely notice them until they are dancing or being pointed at by their mothers.  I don’t have a favorite mother or child on Abby Lee’s show.  I do like Abby of course but that is about it.  In Miami, there is one kid that i actually like is Hannah.  Let’s get Hannah her own show somehow.  I sort of like Jessi because she’s semi-mean.  I don’t know why this was canceled.  I’m disappointed that I didn’t know about it before.  I think it was on before I started watching Dance Moms in general.  Episodes of Dance Moms: Miami are available on Lifetime.com.