This is the first series since the Evelyn Lozada – Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson mess that got Chad kicked off his football team (Miami Dolphins) and in court.  I couldn’t wait for this. In case you don’t know that story, you can find out more details below. Aww, from the opening credits, it seems that Jennifer is gone. I probably knew that already but it has been such a long time since I saw the last reunion show.

This first episode was basically centered on Evelyn telling her story in several different settings. So of course it starts with Evelyn talking about the incident with their wedding pictures showing on the screen. I don’t know why women care so much about weddings. Chances are they will have a few in their lifetime so it’s not really that special. She said 41 days later they were divorced, brilliant. Her story (and probably the truest side to the story) was that she found a condom receipt in the car so she confronted him about cheating.  I remember her saying he could do that as long as he used a condom but I think she was talking mainly about while he was on the road for his job. Maybe he thought it meant for every day times. Of course they show the police report: Charged with “Battery (Intentional strike or touch to another person)” – Aug 11, 2012. Apparently 2 days later her brother-in-law dies (i.e. the guy that “gave her away” at the wedding). By the words striking / touch, they are referring to the fact that he head-butt her while they were sitting in the car. She had 6 stitches on/in her forehead.

So the first real scene says it is Aug 31, 2012. That is pretty close to the event. It starts with Evelyn talking to her publicist about preparation to go on some shows to talk about the incident. I guess she feels people were blaming her because she seems violent on TV. People need to get over the fact that she fights with girls on TV. That is different from an NFL (National Football League) player head-butting you in a car.
So they take an Evelyn break and move on to Tami and Shaunie. Tami is still trying to control her impulses to get angry and Shaunie said she is learning to be more outspoken. What that says to me is that there will be more Shaunie fights this season. Tami’s mother is on deaths door it seems. So she cries a little about that at Shaunie’s house.

Evelyn already sat down with her mom now she does that with her kid. The daughter didn’t like Chad from the beginning. I guess Evelyn didn’t listen to her kid or watch Chad on TV, or realize he changed his last name for no reason (from Johnson to Ochocinco which was his jersey number). Next, Evelyn meets with Shaunie. Evelyn says if he completely changes she would entertain the idea of getting back together with Chad. Why are people so dumb? People Don’t Change. That is the message of the eon.

Then, today I see this story where Evelyn said she probably would still be married to him if the abuse was kept private.  Suzie got plastic surgery and looks weird. Now Evelyn sits with Suzie, Shaunie, and Tami to discuss the Chad situation.  So Tami thinks people deserve 2nd chances and Suzie said no way. I don’t know why people let people get away with things with no real consequences. That is what is wrong with America today.

Oh so they show what is coming up this season and like I thought more Shaunie fights. More recently Chad Johnson went to court for a probation violation and decided to pat his lawyer (male) on the behind. The judge (female) got annoyed (and rightly so) and rejected his plea deal sending him to jail for 30 days. I don’t know why people thought she was overreacting. If you only get 30 days for violating probation that you are on because you hit your new wife it doesn’t seem like much of a deterrent. In the end, he only served 7 days and this was in June of this year.  I’m pretty sure he is not ever playing football again like he wants to.