Looks like I had my episode numbers mixed up before but we are back on track now.  I had to check the Discovery website.  And FYI this commentary is in my own personal order, not necessarily the order shown on the show.

I love the beginning of this where they have a slow-mo of Alvin walking away from a buggy he just blew up.  He’s like a real hardcore gangster.  For my birthday next year, I want to blow up a buggy and do a slow-mo walk away.  At one point, Alvin was told to stop an English man from selling fake Amish quilts so he puts hog urine on them.  How do you get animal urine in a jug?  I don’t live on a farm so I don’t know.  I do know people who have lived on a farm so I’ll have to ask.  Another task for Alvin: Track down the Amish man peeping in English women’s windows.  Now, this is the one crime I never understand.  I could see if you put a hidden camera in someone’s house to “peep” at them but the real question is why are you (the women) getting undressed with the curtains/blinds open?  What do you expect people to do?

Levi’s vain.  That’s what they say.  I hope people watch this and see how religious beliefs are used to control people.  The Church told them not to pay Levi and they won’t because they could be shunned.  This signals impending doom for Levi from the Church.  As a side note, who is that woman cleaning Levi’s house in the background? Mother? Sister? Random woman?  Oh no another guy gunning for Levi?  I don’t know if I can take it.  That is what they leave me with at the end of the episode.  The world is just not looking good for Levi right now.

But some good news, the issues with Freeman have come to an end for now.  Spreading rumors about Freeman was genius.  Let the fear do the work for you.  Poor Esther has to clean up what Jolin put on her house (devil drawings lol).  Levi is so proud of himself that Esther may “have no choice but to run to him” after Freeman and John are gone.  And boy did she run to him, right in his face.  All the curse words she said is just great entertainment.  That is why I am on Team Esther.  Freeman is taken away in a white van.   Esther is crying but I don’t think she is that upset.  I know that if she could be in charge of things she would have gotten rid of her brothers long ago because they are weak.  She just needs a guy she can control or manipulate.  John freaks out that “Levi” put Freeman away.  He is looking for his gun.  Why does John look like the drugged out family member that is always in a rage?  Where is the rest of the family when dealing with Freeman?  Why is it all put on Esther to control?

Is anyone else confused why Jolin has a beard when I’m guessing he is not married? Unless Mennonites don’t have that same rule.  I wonder if every Amish man gets married.  Who is going to marry Alvin and John when they don’t really work for themselves or have any real standing in the community.  I’m sure some skanky Amish girl will marry Caleb.  He is so annoying that I hate to mention him.  He is like a frat boy or something.

So what circumstances occurred with Merlin that he needed to seek treatment?  I hate when people say that.  Was there an Amish intervention?  Rosa, Merlin’s sister, was shunned?  I’m going to start shunning people.  Just random people I don’t like.  I’m going to find the German word for shun and just say that to people.  I didn’t know there were Amish people in South Dakota.  I went to a Mennonite run restaurant in Kansas, maybe the Amish are everywhere.

Merlin goes to a “Healing Center” so I assume they don’t have to pay for this.  Why is ok for Merlin to smoke?  Isn’t that bad in some way?  I would think any type of stimulant would be forbidden.  I’m pretty sure that is what the Mormons do.  Now, what is the need to have “The Water Cleanse” for Merlin?  If he fully cleansed himself there wouldn’t be anything left.  Eww, he’s grossly thin.  Please put your Amish clothes back on.  Maybe he needs extra cleansing because his boy Wayne threw animal waste at him.  How does Merlin respond?  By jumping on Wayne’s buggy, that’s how.  Priceless.  Wayne is fed up with Merlin and wants to start his own group.  How many families does a good mafia organization have?  Oh no, a tree poisoning. I love Amish Mafia because they do these old fashioned ways to sabotage someone.

Alan is just super shady.  Of course he has done “special favors” for a bishop.  He has no problem telling on Levi to the bishop.  My big question is why do they care so much about Caleb (Brethren) and not Jolin (Mennonite)?  The bishop wants Caleb watched because he is an outsider.  I suppose in the eyes of the Amish Church, Brethren are less than or equal to Mennonite but definitely less than Amish (see below for equation form for clarification).

Brethren ≤Mennonite ≪Amish

After all the yelling from Esther, Levi asks her to go with him to the Ascension Day celebration.  Read some about Ascension Day on Wikipedia. Esther says yes of course because she still knows how to work the system to her advantage.  All she needs is to look respectable by being by Levi’s side to do what she wants and live the life she wants.  I’m sure she can control Levi.  Levi is just like a politician going out on holiday events shaking hands.  Pig races on a religious holiday that seems strange and a tug of war between Caleb and Jolin.  You know Jolin won because Joey is a fighta.  That’s right I called Jolin, Joey.