I’m so sad that this is the end of this season already.  I don’t know how long it will take to find out when season 3 is going to be.  I assume they will do the same thing as last time (i.e. do a special to announce a new season in a few months). But can I just make a comment that I noticed?  It is the end of the series and again the black Amish guy goes to jail.  It’s getting to be like how Kenny used to get killed at the end of every South Park episode.

Well it is time for a meeting.  Levi is going to finally meet with the bishop to find out what the issues are.  I love how Levi is wearing his orange shirt and his cell phone has orange trim.  That is a bit too much even for me.  I do really like orange especially orange and black.  Levi has Alvin standing by with a buggy because Levi doesn’t want to offend the bishop by driving up in his car.  That is nice though.  Alvin said the only person he fears more than Levi is the bishop.  It makes me think of the Monty Python sketch with Terry Jones as the Bishop.

The Bishop’s house looks really nice.  How is that fair?  I guess when you are in charge you have to have nice things even when you are in the Amish community.  The Bishop asks Levi what he has to confess.  You know that is bad.  I love how the church can just come in and take you down.  Shunning seems to be the worst thing they can do to you.  If I was shunned I think that would be great.  I’d just leave and go into the English world and not worry about anyone back in the community.  The bishop said that Vanity is Levi’s problem.  Using his businesses and not giving back to the community.  Levi wants to know who told him these things because they are not true.  He won’t tell him but Levi knows it’s Alan.  So the bishop says the biggest problem Levi has is Caleb and if he handles him then he will “be right with God”.  Alvin said they have been there for hours.  So you know he probably talked him up and down.

Levi wants to meet his boys (Jolin and Alvin) in the middle of a corn field.  He tells them about how Alan has been talking to the bishop.  He didn’t mention Caleb though.  Later, Levi rolls by to see Caleb in his truck with the bishop’s daughter.  Uh oh.  Levi meets with the boys and says Caleb is screwing the bishop’s daughter and we need to put a stop to it.  Sounds like very bad news for frat boy Caleb.  Jolin (Joey) is always a good boy.  The producer asked if he thought Levi did what the bishop accused him of.  And Jolin said it’s none of my business or yours.  See Joey needs to start the Mennonite Mafia spinoff.  I’d like to see how they live differently than the Amish.

Something that really annoyed me was that Levi does fundraisers.  He did an appearance at a local library and hired bikers as security.  He’s doing autographs, hugging, and kissing people.  This is BS.  I live way out in Kansas so I don’t get to meet Levi.  Levi isn’t coming out here to do visits.  He said the Amish and English use the libraries.  But if you watched it, you may notice that the event was all English people buying t-shirts and bumper stickers about Lebanon Levi.  What do I get?

Some woman told Esther that everyone has seen the bible in front of Levi’s door.  Now that she got rid of her family to align with him, he is bringing her good name down if he gets shunned.  That’s not what Esther wanted.  Esther has to confront Levi about the bible on his door.  He said he is taking care of the problem and she said she will use gossip to take care of things.  She was at a sewing circle with 2 other girls.  She brought up how Alan was telling lies to the bishop about Levi.  One girl said Alan brings his English girl around and she is not dressed decently.  I wonder what an English person can wear around the Amish to be thought of as ok.  Can I wear my t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers?  Is that not acceptable?  I really should find a way to live with the Amish for a period of time just to see what it is like and blog about it.  I wonder if it would make me lose or gain weight.  They work hard but they eat a lot of food as well.

Merlin and Alan are still in Kentucky.  Unbelievable.  Alan, Merlin, and Paul are in a buggy on the way to the Kentucky settlement.  Paul says his people are not afraid of anyone.  Paul and Alan keep giving each other looks. You know they don’t trust each other.  Paul decides to show them his hut.  Alan thinks well I know about making money on huts be he looked in and said he wasn’t going in there.  Merlin said he was surprised but he wasn’t going to judge Paul because he needs his help.  Merlin went in and was looking really closely at the wall.  Cameras were not allowed in but it looked like there were magazine pictures up on the wall.  I’m not certain it is just my guess.  I can’t imagine what else it would be though.

Alan is not happy there and just wants to go home in part to see what is happening to Levi.  Merlin tried to give Alan a life lesson by telling a family story.  The moral of the story was that you don’t know the motives of people.  Then, they see the Kentucky people are loading up a van with pick axes and other weapons.  Merlin said that Kentucky mob is a holy army.  That is not good.  Merlin, Alan, and Paul join up to come after Levi.  The producer said to Levi what are you going to do?  They have weapons. Levi said do you think they are going to shoot me? I just laughed because you could see the smile on Levi’s face.  When I saw it I said out loud: They got tons of guns.  Joey probably has an arsenal at his hunting lodge.

Wayne finds out that an Amish family has moved into an English house with electricity and everything for the past year.  Wayne has to tell this guy no.  The guy said he is there because it is more comfortable for his family.  Really? You’re Amish bruv; you can’t live that way.  Wayne told him you can leave or stay and watch.  Wayne just trashed his place.  All of this is to show the bishop that he has his values.

Wayne is going to repo some animals from a guy that isn’t taking care of them.  They start talking about how some guys sexually abuse their animals, how wrong that is, and that is an automatic banishment from the community.  They talk about how animals are very important to the community from food to transportation.  Then they show a headline that says “Two Amish men charged with incest and bestiality” and they said it involved a cow and horse.  I found the article here from 2010. They keep talking about how bad this is.  I’m not sure if that is the issues of why Wayne is taking the animals.

As I was watching the introduction to them showing the Kentucky story, I realized the cows had tags on their ears.  The thought popped into my head that they probably buy these animals at auctions open to the public.  So in theory their animals have more genetic diversity they the Amish people do.  I say this because they only marry each other and they are probably all distantly (or not so distantly related).

Wayne has staged a coup to gain control over the Ohio Amish community.  He finally got his official blessing from the bishop (this isn’t the same one that is dealing with Levi) to collect for Amish Aid.  I wonder what will happen when Merlin gets back.  How many crime shows/movies do you need to see to know how this would end up?  A boss becomes obsessed with one issue, he takes his eyes off of everything else, and new guy comes in with new ideas and takes over.

Let me get this straight, Big Steve is driving a buggy tour to make money and Levi stops him on the side of the road to talk to him.  How do I get booked on this tour with a guaranteed sighting of Levi?  They are speaking in Dutch so the people don’t know what is being said but they know who they are.  After the tour is over, Big Steve is talking to the cameras and sees an Amish person in a buggy approaching.  He runs into the corn fields to hide until he’s gone because he’s not supposed to be working for Levi and he doesn’t want people to know.  Big Steve said he would do anything for Levi.

Big Steve is damaging the cars in the parking area Alan runs.  So these kids go on Rumspringa and they can afford to get cars? How do they get money for a car? Alan said Amish people don’t have table manners.  The cameras show Big Steve eating a whole little chicken with the stuff all in his face.  Joey said Big Steve eats like a farm animal.  I couldn’t even watch it.  Jesus doesn’t eat like that.

As said earlier, Alan goes back to jail.  I did feel bad for him while he was in Kentucky.  All I was thinking was:  he’s from Pennsylvania and he’s black.  Runaway Alan! Alan gets a summons to go to court.  He said he knows Levi is behind it.  We see the English woman he’s got.  Well her face is blurred so not really.  He gets 3 months in jail and 23 months of supervision. Merlin gets interviewed outside the court house to talk about Alan and say that Levi is the real problem.  Alan is complaining that Levi is the bigger criminal than him but if he ever saw a mob movie, he would know that the top guy never gets caught until everyone else does.

Caleb was a pretty important factor this week.  Throughout the episode he was out gallivanting with the bishop’s daughter.  He was saying if they get caught it could be a problem for both of them.  If that is true, then why take her all around town in your truck?  Didn’t they do a whole segment on how gossip works in the Amish community?  Caleb didn’t think that will apply to him?  He’s annoying anyway.  Levi did send him to do some work this week.  Caleb is sent to repo a tractor that has been on loan for months.  Caleb said he has been hotwiring tractors and cars since he was 13.  So they cut to Steven Breit (Criminal Defense Attorney, Lancaster PA) talking about his police record bring up the bullet holes in his truck again.  The guy caught him taking the tractor.  He pushed Caleb and Caleb decked him.

Towards the end of the episode, Caleb goes to Levi’s office.  He thinks they are happy because of the job he did on the tractor.  Levi said we are going for a ride.  If Caleb was smart he would know that was a clue that things are bad.  I’m sure every mob movie has that type of line in it.   Caleb, Joey, Alvin, and Levi get into the car.  Caleb goes towards the driver seat and Joey said I’ll drive.  They don’t say where they are going.  They pull up to some barn I guess.  Caleb, Alvin, and Joey get out of the car and towards the structure.  Joey goes in there with a baseball bat of course because he is the enforcer.  You know how you know he is the enforcer?  Joey has the shades down and holding the bat slightly behind him to sort of hide it from Caleb.  He’s a professional.  Levi stays in the car and says Caleb had potential and he didn’t want it to be like this.  This is how they end it.  Now we have to wonder what happened to Caleb.  I hope they really beat him up bad because I just don’t like him.