That’s right.  It is almost the end of the US government fiscal year.  And you know what that means? Time for the threat of a government shutdown.  This is the time that all government workers watch the clock on Monday to see if they have work tomorrow (or the near future).  It really doesn’t matter to the House or the Senate because they won’t be affected.  Why you ask?  Because America, Congress is rich.  Even if the shutdown affected their jobs, which it won’t, going without pay would not break their bank or send them into cycle of debt.  People seem to forget that normal everyday people work for the government as well.  These government workers include military and civilians.  The majority of those people are not rich and their jobs have been compromised for years with every budget reduction.  I think all people can relate to their employers making decisions that make their jobs more difficult.  Imagine if not only do you hear rumblings at work about it but on the news and the internet.  You couldn’t escape it because it is always there.  Congress has complete control over these people’s lives through salary, taxes, and laws (let’s face it there are not laws anymore only bills that gets defeated in one house or another).  Maybe when people talk about those lazy government workers they should think about these things.  I would also like to leave you with this thought.  All the other countries have government workers on the military and scientific research side that they are investing to improve their countries’ standing in the world.  How do you think that will affect the future America with their underfunded researchers and their worn out military?