The 3 biggest news stories that came out of this are:


1)      There will be a season 3!  At least they showed a “sneak preview” of the next season.  Not that they said when it would be out or anything.

2)      No one has heard from Caleb.  So I guess they want us to think he is dead or near dead.  I think Caleb was told not to talk to Discovery Channel.  I’m sure they didn’t kill him.  Who would do that when there is video evidence of you luring the victim in a barn while carrying a baseball bat?

3)      Flip.  As in the newest Amish guy to join Levi’s gang.  He likes to throw what look like frat style parties.  I reserve judgment on him at the moment.


The special starts out with history of the Amish saying that the Lancaster settlement was established in the 1720s and 1730s with a German Christian separatist named Jakob Ammann.  It looks like with this last season the Amish Mafia heavies had some issues with the media.  First, Merlin and Levi said that they were being followed, photographed, and threatened.  What?!  Cameras were actually in the car with them at the time.  People need to be respectful to Levi.  I don’t care what they do to Merlin.  There was a funny part about this because you could really see the difference between Levi and Merlin here.  Levi said he was going to do something to take care of this guy real soon.  Super religious Merlin said he didn’t know if this was a test from God but he will pray and hope he protects him.  ABC’s Nightline did a story on them and Merlin thought that the tone was set to make Levi the good guy and him antagonistic.


Perception from that news report and social media still portray Amish Mafia as fake and staged.  Whatever.  It’s a reality show.  I like to think an Amish mafia could exist.  I mean every other culture in the world has crime and corruption so why not the Amish?  Have you seen the Borgia TV shows?  That is about a pope and his family (mostly his offspring, FYI priests shouldn’t have offspring) back in the 1460s.  But anyway back to Amish Mafia.  Discovery Channel let the cast say how they felt about how they were being portrayed.  Merlin thinks Levi is being glorified.  He said Levi is a tax cheat.  Levi said the cameras slow him down.  Esther said she was happy they didn’t make her look like a slut this time.


Then, they bring out questions from the “fans”.  Again with the “Are you really Amish questions”.  I’m tired of that myself.  There is a Fisher book and their names are in it meaning they were born Amish.  People are saying real Amish wouldn’t act the way they do.  The Amish Mafia cast members are trying to say there is no difference between them and English people.  They have all the same vices and thoughts.  Even when they talked about BUI (as in DUI but with a buggy) and said the horse can find its way home but they can’t read stop signs.    I find that really odd that a horse could do that.  Do they really know where to turn left or right?    Someone else said that Jolin (whom I call Joey) isn’t a real fighter and they could beat Joey up.  Joey said lots of people could beat him on a keyboard.  That’s right.  Why oh why do people doubt Joey?  Joey’s a fighta.


Esther vs. the World

Poor Esther said John going in and out of legal trouble isn’t helping her family.  She thinks she can take care of the problems and restore her family’s name.  Merlin said he can’t believe what Esther did and she thinks she wants to be in charge.  Levi thinks Esther needs him and Esther thinks Levi can’t resist her charms.  I don’t know what will become of Esther in the long run.  If only she would leave the Amish community.  She could be a politician or some position of power.


Wayne vs. Merlin

Merlin said he never lost his job to Wayne and that Wayne needs him more than he needs Wayne.  Wayne said Merlin is losing focus and that he is gaining control of the community.  Apparently, according to Wayne, Merlin was trying to “hook up” with Wayne’s girlfriend by taking her out to dinner while Wayne was working.  As an explanation, Merlin said he knew her all his life and that is crazy.  The thing is.  This girl isn’t even Amish.  Blasphemy.  Two weeks after Merlin broke up with his girlfriend (remember the one he was all about in a past episode saying she is perfect); she said Wayne started text messaging her to take her out on a date.  Does every Amish person under the age of 40 have a cell phone?  That’s what I want to know.  Wayne was asked about that and he just smiled.  I took that as I sure did do that.  They both said they will never work together again.  Maybe they can have a field fight.  I’d like to see it.  Pay-per-view Live from Amish Country.


Alan vs. Everyone

Of course they have a jail house phone interview with Alan.  Levi and Esther said they didn’t go to the police to get Alan arrested but Discovery said have “undercover video” of both of them going to the police station.  Snitches get stitches.  That’s what Alan said.  But didn’t he snitch on Levi too?  Joey had a good comment when asked about what he did with the chickens he stole from Alan.  He said that he is eating pretty well.


Amish Mafia Analyzed

I’m so glad they brought in a psychologist and psychiatrist to discuss things I already know the answers to.  What I didn’t know was the difference between the two.  I looked it up and they basically do the same things except a psychiatrist is an actual medical doctor.  Therefore, they can prescribe medicines and actual treatments for mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders.


The psychologist said when people intermarry with common ancestors; weaker genes can become more prevalent.  Duh! That’s the kind of question I want to ask the elders.  What are you doing to get more diversity?  The woman brings up bipolar disorders and then they go straight to Merlin and when he went away.  Does that mean Merlin is bipolar?  She was also asked about what the symptoms of a sociopath is.  As she is explaining they are showing clips of the cast members I guess inferring that they are all sociopaths.


The psychiatrist said that treatment by religious text won’t help people with severe mental problems. Duh!  Some of the cast members said the church sends people there to keep them controlled.  That makes sense really.  On a completely unrelated point, the next question was about cults.  Hmm, she said there may be a cult like environment with some of these people because they know they are doing wrong but they have a need to follow “the leader”.  Do they?  Is that the excuse for all people in gangs?  I’m sure Discovery added this in so it looks like they care about the people on the show.  It’s the same reason they have doctors on shows like Hoarders and Intervention.  We show you how horrible their lives are for your own entertainment but wait we are helping them as well so you can’t say we are exploiting them.  As a side note, I wonder what the ratio of children born that is normal versus ones with mental issues in the Amish community with all the similar genes.


Where’s Caleb?

Oh I love it.  The producers sat down with Caleb days before the “incident” and asked him what it means to him to have Levi’s trust.  He said it means a lot to him.  In that business you can’t trust many people because they tend to stab you in the back.  They asked him what would happen if people found out about him and the bishop’s daughter and he said the worst thing would be that he would lose his job working for Levi.  Lol see foreshadow.  Discovery tried to say they were not able to contact him since then and they are worried.  Are they?  File a missing persons report then.


Lebanon Levi

Levi said the church was upset that he didn’t have enough Amish people working for him so now he’s got another guy, Flip.  His real first name is Allen but I’m sure that was too confusing with the other Alan (The Black Amish) already on the show.


They are talking about all the people that are after Levi.

–          Esther said that Levi used to be humble and now with all this power and money he is going too far.

–          Joey was asked if he thought Levi looked at him differently now that he came back.  Joey responded with “if Levi doesn’t look at me differently, he should.”

–          Alan is threatening to get even with Levi when he gets out of jail.

–          Merlin has the armed Kentucky Amish ready to fight Levi for him.

Producers pose all this to Levi and do you know what Levi says?  “You think they’re gonna to shoot me?  No.”  LOL that’s why I like Levi.