I immediately watched Derek on Netflix when it was released.  I liked it much better than I thought I would (4.5 Gems).  It is the latest from Ricky Gervais (sans Stephen Merchant) so I had to see it.  Gervais shows are hit or miss for me really.  I absolutely loved Extras and An Idiot Abroad but not into The Office or Life’s Too Short.  Derek is the story of a guy, 50, that works in a nursing home.  He seems to be a bit slow mentally but I don’t see it in an offensive way which is what I heard were some people’s criticisms.  The premise centers around Derek’s relationships with the residents and employees of the home.  Basically all his friends are there and when someone dies, as elderly people do, he is emotionally hurt by it.  The manager of the nursing home, Hannah (played by Kerry Godliman), takes care of everyone and works selflessly to make their lives better.  I really liked Hannah’s character even though it was a typical type of character you would expect to see in a setting like that.  I’ve already made a mental note of this actress’s name and will look for other things she has done or will do.  Somehow Karl Pilkington, of An Idiot Abroad, is a maintenance man in this series.  I never saw him act before and he did a decent job of it.  Overall, it is worth watching if you are a fan of Ricky.  Like Extras, there is a good balance of funny and emotional parts as well as being believable.  If there is a season 2, I will definitely watch.  If you are interested check out the trailer below.