It looks like the Senate brokered a deal between the Reid and McConnell camps to end the shutdown and debt ceiling debates (for now).  Details are laid out in this article.   By for now I mean January 15th (another potential shutdown) and February 7th (another debt ceiling debate).  I think it is unbelievable that they will celebrate this as a victory of diplomacy to essentially move the issues to the end of the list of priorities.  I do this too when I’m cleaning my apartment, although, it doesn’t affect the world economy.  I love that the House is not voting until 11pm Eastern Time.  Let’s stretch it out to the last possible moment literally.  I’m writing this at 5:35pm Central (6:30pm Eastern) so 4.5 hours until the vote.  Can’t they vote earlier?  What other pressing issues are there for them to do besides voting?  I guess they need to sit around and talk about how they should vote instead of making individual decisions on the facts of the bill.   


As I was looking for more information on this issue I stumbled upon this  article that says that the government shutdown reduced the US economy by $24 billion.   I don’t know how they expect people to making large purchases when the government can’t even stay open.  What faith would they have in the economy making an upwards turn?  I don’t have steady employment and I can’t imagine buying a house.  I have the potential to earn more than the average person because of my degrees but even if I had the best job ever I wouldn’t consider buying a house.  People seem to me (from the outside looking in) to be at the mercy of the value of their home that can change whenever.  That doesn’t seem like the thing I want to deal with.  Even when people lose their jobs and find a new job in another location they are still chained to their house until they can sell it.  As a renter, I can say yeah I’m moving next month without any issues.  Anyway, everyone seems to think this deal will go through the House with Boehner playing cheerleader.  We will wait and see.  Maybe when you wake up in the morning the government will be open again.