So to move myself closer to losing the extra weight, I restarted the Insanity workout program. I bought it years ago and had done some of the DVDs but not really following the program to the letter. It is just a really hard to do. I got it because I thought I could do it over time and improve. Here is a video I found in case you are not familiar with it.

Basically this is a 60 day program where you exercise 6 days a week. You are supplied with several exercise DVDs and a schedule of when to do them. The first day starts with a fitness test. Every 2 weeks, the fit test is repeated to see if you are improving. So to keep myself on track I thought I would post my progress through the fit test numbers.

Fit Test 9/28/2013 10/16/2013 Change
Switch Kicks 60 79 19
Power Jacks 39 54 15
Power Knees 70 76 6
Power Jumps 15 23 8
Globe Jumps 5 7 2
Suicide Jumps 8 12 4
Push-Up Jacks  17 20 3
Low Plank Obliques  50 46 -4

The first few days of the program I was extremely sore. The sides of my knees hurt. By the end of the first week I was a lot better. I still have problems with breathing throughout the exercises but I’m slowly getting better. I did the first 2 weeks straight until I had to go out of town for an interview which caused me to take 3 extra days off. But, I did the fit test on Wednesday and started my Week 3 then. I’ll do another weigh in at the end of the month to see if I changed in any way.