I’d been waiting for this show to come out and finally it is here.  Hello Ladies is a 30 min HBO (Sundays) show starring Stephen Merchant.  You probably don’t know who Stephen Merchant is but you have definitely heard of his popular show, The Office.  He co-created it with Ricky Gervais and is almost the silent partner when it comes to American audiences.  People like me who love British TV and comedies know who he is and often wonder how much of the Gervais/Merchant collaboration is Steve.  Hello Ladies was also the name of his stand-up comedy special that you can probably find on the internet.  I watched it and laughed so hard.

Now about the new TV show.  I have seen the first 3 episodes and this show is really entertaining.  It is basically about a lonely English man living in Los Angeles trying to find love.  I do wonder how much of this parallels his real life.  The main character, Stuart (Merchant), has an actress renting his guest house that he frequently uses to talk to young good looking actresses who are her friends.  He also has 2 friends one whose marriage is ending (and he cries/complains about it constantly) and wheelchair bound creepy guy that often gets women.  It is mostly the trials and tribulations of Stuart’s life trying to get women.  I was surprised they gave him a female roommate.  I am so hoping this doesn’t turn into one of those loves stories at the end where Stuart and the roommate realize they are perfect for each other.  I just think that is overdone and I’ll be disappointed if it happens.  I will for sure watch the rest of this series and recommend that you (the reader) do too.  Below was the opening to the first episode when I knew this would be great.  I particularly liked the abortion joke.