I read this article today that made me laugh called “Silly Things People Have Said to Me When I Tell Them I’m Not Having Kids”.  It has a good list of reasons I completely agree with so I had to share it.  I personally dislike kids very much and think there are way too many around.  I just don’t see parenting being worth the time, money, and responsibility.  I’m poor and borderline unemployed.  Although, I know people have no problem having more and more kids under those conditions, it looks to me that people just irresponsibly have them without thinking about the points made in this article.  The author made a point saying she decided not to have a dog because of the responsibility needed to take care of one.  I totally agree.  I like dogs and would like to have one but really, when I get settled, I want to be able to travel without having to find a place to put my dog.

There are several other reasons why I hate kids.  One is that I have to pay taxes to improve schools that I get nothing out of.  Why should I care if your kid has up to date school books?  I wish it was just parents who had to pay for that stuff.  They are the ones who are invested.  Do kids even read books anymore?  Or is it all Kindles and Tablets?  As a side note, does anyone one else think it is weird that people are reading tablets just like they did in the B.C. times?  I know they are made out of different material, just an observation.  Another one is alluded to in this article where parents called the cops on their kids for throwing a party (with drugs and alcohol) while they were away. It makes sense to me but why ruin your vacation worrying about what your bratty kids are doing at home?  The best reason not to have kids is described in this news clip (Warning: Turn down your volume) about an 18 year old girl that stabbed her mother in the bathroom about 80 times. Isn’t that enough to just say no?  That woman put 18 years into that kid and she gets killed in the bathroom for her troubles.  I want to add this in because I know what some people are thinking.  The human race would die out without children.  So?