I was watching my typical ESPN Radio Line up the last couple of days and you always get athletes plugging some event in which they are involved. Those people are already rich and so do they really need an extra $1 million a year? Why can’t companies sponsor me as a normal person? Isn’t the way that YouTube videos go viral enough for them to put a million or maybe even $500k on me to circulate information? Since I have reduced working hours, I could even travel around for them. They don’t need to give me a first class ticket.


There are several products that I use daily that I could promote. Not sure if I should name names but if you have a big company and will to pay normal people feel free to contact me. FYI billion dollar alcohol companies, I’m not a drinker so I can’t be an endorser. Unless you want to hire me as a chemist, then I can do it because I can analyze anything. Really, I can.