So I have spent over a year trying to lose weight/improve health. In general, I have achieved both of those things. Now I am in a state of plateau with the weight loss. People have been telling me that it’s good that I’m not gaining any weigh. I don’t like to look at things positively. I probably should be excited that I finished the Insanity workout program on Wednesday with measurable improvements in my biweekly (sort of) Fit Test results.

Insanity 12-11

My future plans for exercise is to repeat the Insanity workout 4 days a week (instead of 6 days) and fill the other days with yoga, stretching, and push-up type exercises. I haven’t decided the specifics but I plan on starting today or Saturday. The internet, particularly YouTube, is full of exercise videos for me to do.

For the last few months I have moved around within 4 pounds. I’m sure it’s not much of a swing for the period of months. I don’t think I lost any weight from doing Insanity but several people have tried to tell me that I’m most likely gaining muscle. I may be willing to accept that. But, I need to decide what to do moving forward in my attempt at healthiness. Part of it I believe is that exercising at times makes me hungrier so I end up with more calories on MyFitnessPal. To address the plateau in weight loss I found an article from the Mayo Clinic. I’m going to take their advice and reassess my weight loss plan.

I know this seemed like less of a diatribe. However, the fact that I can exercise 6 days a week while eating an average of 1600 calories a day and not lose 1 pound is annoying. Before I started really exercising regularly I was eat 1200-1500 calories in a day. It is hard increasing my fiber and potassium without increasing calories as well. I may need to be stricter in my eating. Did I mention I have over 390 days of logging my food? It is difficult to eat well in the Halloween to Christmas times. I know I have add more desserts and candy than I should have had. Maybe by January I can start to focus more on getting a larger variety of healthy foods