I never think of New Year’s resolutions for myself because it’s just another day or year so nothing changes. Overall, this year I made several changes in diet and exercise. I am now determined to get rid of stuff I don’t need or want. Therefore, I am preparing an inventory of all my things. I plan to throw out or give away things that I don’t need or can’t use in the near future. Because I do everything in Excel, I had to use it for my inventory. I was doing that slowly before but I found it difficult to describe things in detail so I needed to use pictures somehow. My boss told me there is a way to insert pictures into Excel cells that stay in place but can also be sorted. Once I figured out how to do that, I restarted my inventory. It will take me awhile because I lose motivation with it pretty quickly.
How to Insert Photos in an Excel Cell

1. Cut or resize photo to a size that will fit inside a cell

a) I use PhotoRazor to cut photos.
b) Don’t forget you can enlarge cells.

2. Insert Picture through Excel (not copy/paste)

3. Move the picture so it is COMPLETELY in the cell

a) Sides of the photo cannot touch the edges.

4. Right click on the picture

5. Click on Size and Properties

6. Select Properties

7. Click on the circle next to Move And Size With Cells

8. Click Close

Now you can sort columns and the picture will be frozen in the cell as it moves. To show how nice it looks I have a picture from my inventory below.

Inventory Pic