I just saw this article and was completely surprised.  Andrea Clevenger, star of the TLC reality show Cheer Perfection,  was charged with the rape of a 13 year old boy.  The article has the details of the case and documents.  I was wondering when this show would be on again but according to a local news report (with video) there will be no more episodes, no repeats shown, and Andrea has not been affiliated with the cheerleading gym for 4 months.  In the video, there is an anonymous woman talking about Andrea and to me it sounds like Ann (also from the show) but I can’t be sure of course.  Below is a video featuring Andrea (dark hair) and Ann (blonde hair) on Cheer Perfection.  The context is that they are away at some competition and are in a hotel room with their daughters.  For easy recognition:  Ann’s daughter, Torann, is of mixed race and Andrea’s (Kylie) is white.