I had been hearing these stories about the increase in prostitution relating to the Super Bowl and other large sporting events.  This story talks about a large high-end escort service that packaged hookers and cocaine as a “party pack”.  I think that is genius. The bad thing about this is apparently the women were being imported from Korea.  I don’t have a problem with prostitution unless it is forced.  I suppose you can make the argument that most people don’t want to be hookers but have to because they have no other choice.  Yes, that is probably true as well.  Being kidnapped, fed drugs, and forced to be a hooker is completely wrong.  In general, I would put prostitution in same category as strippers and skanky waitresses (Hooters and those like it).  I find it a bit strange that it takes 11 months to figure out the inner workings of a prostitution ring, although they had to figure out all of their counterfeit businesses and advertising methods.  Eighteen people were arrested.
The best part of this article was the following:
The ring commonly supplied customers with large quantities of drugs to get them impaired, authorities said.  Then the room would be flooded with additional prostitutes, and the customer’s credit cards would be charged, at times upward of $10,000 for one night.
You know the customers can’t complain about being overcharged.  How can you flood a room with prostitutes?  When stories like this come out, I wonder what the other escort services do.  Do they increase advertising or increase the number of hookers they have to cover arrested ones?
I am not really surprised that the Super Bowl would be a high prostitution event.  Don’t people know that wherever there are lots of males in one area there will be more prostitution?  Like sports events, military bases, and universities all over American and probably the world (depending on the country).  I guess if you are spending all that money to go to the game you can spend a little extra on girls and drugs.  In related news, people are talking about it being the 10th anniversary of Janet Jackson accidentally being exposed (for probably a millisecond) in the half time show.  People were so outraged about it at the time. Are people going to be equally outraged about hookers outside the stadiums?
No accompanying picture this week because I had no idea what to show that would relate to this and not be too much.