Outlaws: Fred Davis – Head Coach, Tony Coley – Assistant Coach, Eric Nolden – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Tamari Hayes, Tamaira (mother)
Myzel Miller, Bridget Lee (mother)
Lucas Coley (son of Coach Coley)
Coach Coley talks about before joining the team he had heard about the Outlaws’ bad reputation but he found them to be very disciplined. You can tell that they are because they are getting a real workout after their bad behavior after the last game with fighting amongst themselves. One of the parents comes to Coley about her son’s play time. He mentions that he missed practice time and she said oh I know. The coaches are not happy that the kids are complaining to their parents about play time and being picked on. They are trying to tell them to grow up and learn to separate a bit from their parents’ breast (the word he said was bleeped). Kids are being told that practice is where they earn their play time. These kids are running until they are crying while Coach Coley is eating a snow cone from the ice cream truck. That made me laugh.
We get to see the Coley house. Why do all these people have such nice houses and hundreds of children? Is that just the way Texas is? Tony says his wife is the head coach of the family. They are talking about the way they teach the kids football and life skills. It seems that his wife, Deborah, is concerned about how hard they are on the kids. Not sure that 8 or 9 year olds are “babies” like she said, but coaches are supposed to be tough on kids. Coach Coley said parents come up to him and tell him to be tough on their kids so he knows they are doing what the parents want.
JR Broncos: Charles Chavarria – Head Coach, Lisa Connell – General Manager “Momager”
Players Featured: Colby Connell (son of Lisa and Jeff)
Manger Connell is moving homes and gets a call from the coach saying that they need to reschedule their games because some other team dropped out. I was wondering what managers did. Chavarria is talking about how “on this side of town” they don’t play like the Outlaws saying his players have been spit at and hands stepped on. Feels like class warfare to me. I believe the Broncos have been told to target people so I don’t know where that falls in comparison. He just told them if they hit them hard the Outlaws will drop one by one.
Connell is talking to the coach about parents being upset that their kids are not playing and they are not winning enough (Record at the end of this episode: 1-3 and 1-2 at the time this was said). She also tells him that kids need to play and he should not stress so much about winning. It sounds like Lisa is debating with herself how much longer she wants to be the manager. Charles tried the pull the “you are like my little sister card” on her to convince her of her importance to him and the team.
Coach Chavarria is spending his wife’s, Clarissa, birthday at practice instead of being home. He said she’s not happy about all the time he spends on football. She doesn’t look happy when the cameras are interviewing her at their home, with their 2 kids. I’m not sure how this kid’s name is pronounced: Cyprian. That is interesting. I have a general interest in names and their meanings. The oldest son, 15, said they only eat together once a week. She said she feels like a single parent during football season and didn’t know if they would make it. Charles should be careful with that. Any new girlfriend he would look for after his wife leaves him won’t like the time he spends on football either.
JR Rockets: Keith Dyson – President, Isaac Quintero – Head Coach
There is a lot of time with Dyson’s home time. Now they are talking about his military experience/accomplishments. This doesn’t seem like much to do with football. He was a Dept. of Defense contractor that is losing his job because of Sequestration. I thought DoD was protected from most of those cuts, I guess not. I have no idea when this who was taped; probably this past summer to start.
The weirdest thing occurred during the Rockets’ practice. Coach Quintero is talking to the kids about adversity. Asking them what it means, having to explain, and telling them how it will take place in this week’s game. Eight year olds don’t know about adversity. It was strange that he would take the time to say that to them. Dyson is not happy with the offense or the job of his coaches. He wants more aggressive practice.
Predators: Brian Brashears – Head Coach
Players Featured: Donte Goss, Shakia (mother), Andrew (father)
Kevin “KK” Brashears (son of Coach and Margie Brashears)
Minor air time this week.
NE Colts: Marecus Goodloe – Head Coach, Paul Wingate – Co-Head Coach
Players Featured: Jaden “J Boogie” Armmer, Gloria (mother), Kinton (father)
Brandon “Pip” Neely
No air time this week.
Games Featured:
Week 4: JR Rockets vs. Predators 0-32
The Predators’ coach is talking to players at half time about adversity and showing up for the game but not much in way of telling them actual things to do. Dyson said there will be big changes this week.
Week 4: JR Broncos vs. Outlaws 0-31
I love the fact that the announcer is on the field walking around during the game. Chavarria said if they get some penalties for hitting hard he will take it. He says to the team if he cuts the other team with a knife they will still bleed red like them. Isn’t that a little extreme though? I mean cutting kids with knives to prove they are human? Not to mention telling the kids it is their God given right to rip the heads off the other team to make them bleed. You have to see this contraption the JR Broncos run out of at the start of the game (see photo); it looks like a giant helmet. This is so much better than football players breaking through a banner.
Bronco parents are getting all upset over the hard hits. It’s amazing that parents don’t know what they signed their kids up for. One of the parents of a hit kid is trying to get in Coach Coley’s face saying they are dirty players. He should be over talking to his kid who is lying on the ground and not in the opposing coach’s face. The referees said the hit was legal but the parents just don’t want to believe it. Poor Charles is trying to tell them it is within the rules and his own team’s parents are not listening. Do these parents not hear their coach telling kids to put people on their backs? Just wondering. Lisa had to kick some people out who are sitting on their side of the field away from the bleachers because it’s the rules. Isn’t it sad that a little league legislates where people can sit? You know it’s to prevent parents from fighting over the games. People take youth sports so seriously; it makes you wonder if they take the kids’ education as seriously.

JR Broncos Entrance