JR Broncos: Charles Chavarria – Head Coach, Lisa Connell – General Manager “Momager”
Players Featured: Colby Connell (son of Lisa and Jeff)
Parents are still complaining about the hits from the Outlaws. Parents need to realize that if they don’t want their kids to get hit hard then don’t have them play football. It’s like they think football becomes safer when little kids play it although the general rules are the same for college and professional football. They should consider another sport if they are worried about their kids’ safety. These parents are still mad at Coach Chavarria. They want to be babied and told that the Outlaws were wrong when they were not. Now, they said Chavarria didn’t approach them the right way even if they hit was legal.
Charles is all upset now because the team is losing, other league coaches question if he is the problem, and it seems his wife left him. Broncos are having their picture day and he is just texting (I’m assuming his wife).
I don’t know why I am surprised that Chavarria works in the car service industry (no sure what he does exactly so I can’t be more specific than that except to say his title is “Service Advisor”). I guess I didn’t think he would be the type to be friendly and deal with customers. He discusses all the time he spends at work and practice with his family suffering. A little of it was him saying if his wife ever loved him. Can we do a spinoff of what is going on there? The wife who was not happy to be interviewed for last week’s show and him going to some kind of Couples Rehab show. I’d watch. The best part is him at home alone with the sad music in the background and debating with himself if he quits football it would send a bad message to his kids and the football kids about sticking with what you start. Genius. Do you see why this needs to be another show? He was crying at the end of the first 2 games so think how much he will cry when he’s in a reality show counselling session.
Outlaws: Fred Davis – Head Coach, Tony Coley – Assistant Coach, Eric Nolden – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Tamari Hayes, Tamaira (mother)
Myzel Miller, Bridget Lee (mother)
Lucas Coley (son of Coach Coley)
Coach Coley is trying to address the hits as well. He’s asking where the defense was on the play to help protect that kid. Tamari made a mistake in practice and Coley sent him to run. This kid’s mother goes up to him to see why he is in trouble. The kid says something and his mother tells him what he is saying doesn’t make sense, he probably did what the coach said, and that’s why he has to run. Coley is annoyed that Tamari is walking and not running his lap. When asked, Tamari said he didn’t run because he was mad. Coach then told him that it doesn’t matter what he wants because there are rules in life and sometimes you have to do what you are told. He should have smacked him upside the head as well.
Coach Davis told the kids if they run this lap as hard as they can, then they can go home 20 min early. The stragglers had to continue to run another lap. His message was that you have to try to be the best in everything and not take the easy way. One of the kids was called out in front of the group because he had almost perfect grades in school. The boy was made captain of the team because he is trying to be a leader on and off the field.
Coach Nolden has a youth mentoring program called Saving Our Sons. Today, they are shown playing basketball at the Dawson Community Center. Nolden talks about his motivations to coach kids in sports and in life. He touches on his past troubles with the law and growing up without a good male role model as well as being a single parent. Kids in the program also talk about their issues with bullying. I like the idea he talked about being your own personal judge. He is encouraging them to do the right thing even though it is more difficult.
JR Rockets: Keith Dyson – President, Isaac Quintero – Head Coach, Dave Edwards – Assistant Coach
Dyson made himself the offensive coordinator. It is funny to see how frustrated he is with the kids during practice. I don’t know if he is meant to be a coach.
NE Colts: Marecus Goodloe – Head Coach, Paul Wingate – Co-Head Coach
Players Featured: Jaden “J Boogie” Armmer, Gloria (mother), Kinton (father)
Brandon “Pip” Neely
Jaden is practicing his touchdown dance at home before practice. Coach Goodloe is going around giving kids wedgies saying they need to remember to have fun. He’s giving the kids a pep talk at the end of practice. He says the president of the JR Broncos told him they were going to have something for them this year and he wants to be able to go to that guy and say is that all you had?
Predators: Brian Brashears – Head Coach
Players Featured: Donte Goss, Shakia (mother), Andrew (father)
Kevin “KK” Brashears (son of Coach and Margie Brashears)
No air time this week.
Games Featured:
NE Colts vs. Wildcats 50-0
Apparently there is a mercy rule if you are ahead by so much the game is over. This was nice to start the episode. The Colts have an autistic child, Grayson Christian, on their team and at the end game they set up for him to get a touchdown (see video link and photo). Kids on the other team fell down on purpose as they were running down the field after him. Coach Goodloe is getting choked up about the whole thing. Of course, I hate to be cynical about it but the last time we saw the Colts, the coach was leading the kids in a chant with a curse word in it. Maybe, this was shown to improve the image of the team. I don’t know but that did enter my mind.
JR Rockets vs. Cardinals 6-38
I believe this is the first game with Dyson being the offensive coordinator. This game is almost like a bloopers reel of little league football. Poor Head Coach Quintero is trying to do things but Dyson says no. Game ends with the Cardinals making a 60 yard run for the touchdown.
Week 5: JR Broncos vs. NE Colts 0-40
From the Outlaws, Tony Coley, is on the sidelines ready to take notes next to Andrew Goss (Predators parent) with a video camera. These people are serious about scouting these other teams. Jaden does a little dance after he makes a good play and the Bronco coaches are mad that it was not called. After being down 20 to nothing in the 2nd quarter, Lisa, the Broncos’s general manager, comments to the coach if the Bad News Bears is a baseball or football movie. He did not look very happy to hear that but I laughed and that’s all that matters really. Goodloe goes over to Coley to say hello during the game. Chavarria blames the kids for the loss from not being able to execute plays that they were able to do last year.

Touchdown Run