I was surprised when I heard the story that Michael Sam, University of Missouri football player, officially came out ahead of the 2014 NFL (National Football League) draft.  Two other related stories broke that surprised me even more.  First being that Sam’s father talked to the New York Times about how uncomfortable he was with it and he mentioned how some dead football player would be rolling in his grave having his son in the NFL.  You can read the odd story and he has since tried to back track from these comments.  I assumed that parents would publicly support their kids no matter what especially one that is fairly successful in their chosen field.  If you read or heard about Michael Sam’s siblings, you would know that a couple of them are in prison.  The fact the Michael isn’t should be enough to garner pride.  I don’t even care if he approves or not but why are you talking to the media anyway?
The next surprising story was Texas Sports anchor Dale Hansen’s comments in support of Sam.  Immediately before I saw the video I thought what kind of stale comments could these be considering how conservative Texas is?  If you haven’t seen this, you have to.

Basically, Hansen’s point is that of all the crimes and issues that are forgiven in the NFL, why is it worse to be gay?  He brought up how players can be murders, rapists, domestic batterers and still be accepted freely in the locker room as long as you are not gay.  It is so true and I’m glad someone like him said it in a clear way.  Another brilliant point, the same thing happened when they started letting black players in the league and they eventually were comfortable with that.  The best point he made, which has always confused me is the same people that want government out of their lives want government to legislate what happens in people’s bedrooms.  Apparently, Hanson has gotten much support for his comments so I assume it won’t hurt his career.  Not so sure about Sam though.  Since the story broke, anonymous quotes from NFL general managers have flooded out saying their locker room (or locker rooms in general) is not ready for a gay player.  Also, Sam’s projected draft ranking is dropping because he could be a “distraction” that no one wants to deal with.  There has even been discussion about if dealing with a gay player with less than exceptional talent is even worth drafting at all.  I have no idea how good this guy is since I don’t follow college football.  We all have to wait and see how far he gets through the process of being signed as an NFL player.
Personally, I still don’t know why people are so upset about what gay people do.  If a gay couple gets married it has nothing to do with you or your marriage.  It is not like they are going to outlaw straight marriage to make room for gay ones.  I think if you are for equal rights for one group that should carry over to all discriminated groups.  Shouldn’t Native and African Americans who have the history of being mistreated in this country sympathize and support the LGBT community in their fight for equal rights?  The same people who use the bible to say that gays are evil are the same ones that tried to use it to justify slavery.