I had only seen clips of this British show before but by the magic of YouTube, I have full episodes. The show is called, Supersize vs Superskinny. A very skinny person is paired up with a very large person and they swap eating habits for a week. It is genius. The large person has to sit and watch the skinny person try to eat all the food they normally eat and at the times they usually eat it. I just finished watching season 1 episode 1 and below is a part of that episode.

The grossest part was when the doctor showed them how much they eat in a week by someone sending it down a see-through tube and it just piled on top of each other. Along with that, there are also 2 other stories/segments going on. First, a woman is trying out these fad diets for a week to see if they work in losing weight (under doctor supervision) and in this episode she was going on an apple diet. All she was eating was apples. The other segment is a woman getting women from different areas of Britain to measure how big their butts are. In the intro, it says that Britain has the biggest butts in Europe. This episode she had women to use this exercise machine that is suppose to simulate riding a horse. These women were measured before and after using this for some length of time (I’m assuming a week) to see if it made a difference. I should mention that this show is graphic. Lots of people in underwear, topless, and curse words. It is Britain so they are allowed to do that on TV. Weights are typically given in stone instead of pounds (1 stone = 14 pounds) so once you know that it all makes sense. I think this will be my watching schedule for today. It seems there are several seasons available on YouTube.