I’m getting really sick of the black spokesmen in America today. It is either the uneducated professional sport figures or old over the top guys (Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson).
Let’s start with why you should not be idolizing or getting your views from athletes. There were several stories a few months ago discussing how college athletes are reading at an elementary school level. This CNN article mentions a learning specialist at the University of North Carolina encountered an athlete that could not even read.  I don’t know why I was shocked to hear that since these “student-athletes” are put on a pedestal for bring in millions of dollars to their university. I think the craziest thing about it is that students don’t learn to read in college. That happens in like elementary school. So not only did that kid get to college but high school and middle school as well. He got a pass through all of his schooling. The worst thing is that they eventually become professional athletes that children and adults look up to and want to know all of their opinions. Think of all the social issues that occurred in the last year or so in the sports world that we are taking our opinions from. The use of the N-word is being promoted by black players saying that’s just how we talk with our friends so it’s ok. These people obviously don’t understand the phrase: there is a time and a place for everything. How many people can’t act/dress the way they want to at work because of the boss’s or companies’ rules? I’m completely ignoring the fact that it is a racial slur and using a word to “take your power back” is ridiculous. Also, I’m ignoring that so many black people in America lost their lives fighting against that word so the people after them could have a chance at equality. Yes, we will ignore all that because some African-Americans want to say the word whenever and wherever they want.
Like it or not, sports figures are the most prominent black people in America so what they say gets put under the umbrella of what black, particularly young, people think and feel. You would think when they mature everything will work itself out but no. Remember Dennis Rodman taking all these retired basketball players to North Korea for a “cultural exchange”. They were all shocked when their motives were questioned and real news people asked them about the confinement of Kenneth Bae.  Most of their interviews before the game with the North Korean team were done while they were still in North Korea. Once players came back to America, the apologies rolled in. Most of them said they should have done more research before going there. Really? How can you live in the United States and not know the issues we and other countries have with North Korea? Below is an interview with Kenny Anderson, whose ex-wife Tami is on Basketball Wives and formally the Real World, saying how he had no choice but to participate while he was there. At the end, the other guy in the video (no idea who he is) came after Piers Morgan asking what he would do. Duh, Piers would not have gone to North Korea. When the State Department tells me not to go to a country, I’m not going.

I know there are smart black sports people out there but the majority of them I feel know just as much as I do about things so why would I listen to them? You are going to have to possess some other kind of experience outside of sports for me to take you seriously. Some ex-professional athletes do speak about real issues like John Amaechi, a great Twitter follow, but most don’t seem to want to rock the boat so I’m not interested.
Getting away from sports now, the civil rights leaders Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the older African-American leaders of today. I could spend lots of time pulling articles and videos of things they have said or done but I don’t find it necessary because of their reputations. I’m only going to speak in generalities about them and what they mean for the black community at the moment as I see it. These guys need to be retired. Every time an issue about black people comes up, Al Sharpton is there with a microphone in his face whether he knows the facts or not. Lots of times when a white person says something racist they have to talk to or get a blessing from either Sharpton or Jackson. I don’t think they should be the ones to dictate what black people will accept or not. The last I heard of Jesse Jackson, he was caught on tape about his anger with Barack Obama saying he wanted to “cut his nuts off” and at Obama’s acceptance speech the cameras caught him crying. What we need is a modern day Martin Luther King Jr. without the religious ties that is non-violent and believes in equality and science. If I could build a person, I’d say he (sorry it is going to have to be a male at this time) has to either be well educated or a self-made success like a Bill Gates or Oprah. The person probably can’t be a career politician because he would want to gain “supporters” instead of supporting others. This person won’t just tell black people what they want to hear but tell them how to improve. Obama randomly does that but he’s the president so he has to please the base and not be too angry.
This is just me making comments. I don’t know if we will move away from the black ideal being a professional athlete or rapper in the near future. However, the black community should find a way to make being and acting educated as a respected attribute rather than just musical and athletic talent.