Discovery channel always catches me off guard on when these shows come back on TV. I was slightly underwhelmed by this episode, but I understand it has to be a type of recap/introduction to new characters show. I was surprised to not see Mary who was in the Christmas special. In general, I’m trying to find a way to cut down the commentary because it just seems really long. Is there such a thing as too much detail?
Caleb (He Lives)
The show starts out with Levi butchering a pig and talking about how the community is starting to trust him again. If you remember last time, the bishop was telling people that Levi is vain so businesses stopped paying him. Now, most people are paying. The concept of a double life is mentioned in regards to Caleb messing around with the bishop’s daughter. Levi says for leading the bishop’s daughter astray, Caleb is suffering. Wait, Caleb’s still lives? Of course he is. So many internet rumors saying he was dead like Discovery would ever be involved remotely with that. Anonymous Amish people are taped telling the rumors they heard about what happened to Caleb like him being beaten badly outside of town. We find Caleb standing in the shadows of what looks like a butcher shop in a barn with pigs hanging from the ceiling. All the fake drama of people coming out of a dark barn at night but Caleb looks fine to me (see video below).

Next, we see a little bit of Caleb cleaning up animal waste time. LOL, his shovel broke. That’s definitely not good. Caleb gets a reprieve from Levi to go out and collect money quietly. You know it’s not going to be that easy. No one wants to pay and a guy said to him aren’t you “Levi’s sh*t shoveler”? Caleb responds by getting in the guy’s manure spreader (it’s a machine) and sprays the guy and his roadside fruit stand. Gross.
Wayne is settling into his role as the boss of Ohio since the bishop gave him the power to collect Amish Aid. First issue: English kids driving their ATVs on an Amish man’s field. He observes them and later ties the ATVs to his truck to destroy them. Seems fair to me; you can’t just ruin people’s property.
Wayne has a logging type business and is leaving early today. Before leaving he cleans up, shaves, and puts on a nice colorful shirt. That can mean only one thing, women. Producers followed him, without his knowledge to some woman’s house.
Merlin, Alan, and Ruck Davey
Merlin’s family owns an aluminum siding business? Why didn’t I know that before? People are saying Merlin is crazier now than ever. I’m surprised that could be true. They film him yelling/saying bible verses and going to visit Alan Beiler in the Perry County Prison. He assures Alan that the Kentucky guys will be ready to go after the Leaders Meeting. The Leaders Meeting is a gathering of all the heads of Amish Aid that occurs every few years where they discuss issues/concerns. It would be too risky, says Merlin, to cause problems at this time.
Merlin is gathering a crew, Ruck Davey, a radical religious man that wears a robe like Jesus would (Ruck meaning dress) and has some kind of problem with Wayne. Oh, Davey is one of those people who whip themselves for religious reasons. I have no idea what it is called and I’m not about type in “religious whipping” in a search engine right now. Wayne had an amazing quote about him: He’s out there in left field and there is nobody playing ball. Uh oh, Ruck found a bible on his door step and Merlin is going to help him get unshunned. Caleb said the guy was shunned for a long time because he beat a guy really badly with a bible for chewing gum in church. At first the show made it seem like being shunned is a horrible thing but it seems like everyone gets shunned and then unshunned on this show. Is there a 3 strikes and you are out rule?
Merlin visits the bishop to basically bribe him to unshun Ruck. Apparently the bishop owes his business money for work performed and having unpaid bills is not a good example for a bishop to set. There is this weird thing called a Red Rose ritual. This is where the church offers you a rose as forgiveness for a debt, money or otherwise. Merlin wants one plus the unshunning of Ruck and the bishop’s debt will be forgiven. That is crazy. Esther said it is like winning the lottery with the church and everyone in the community knows what it means. You know Merlin walked out with a rose right?
Jolin & Alvin
Joey (aka Jolin) is back and bearded. It looks odd but I’m sure he likes it. His update is that Paradise (the part of Levi’s territory that he runs) is doing fine while the video shows women all over him. Levi meets with Jolin and Alvin to discuss the situation with the Kentucky Amish coming for them. They are being sent to Kentucky to take care of them before they even get to Lancaster.
Great, we are back in Kentucky Amish country. There are so many dogs just hanging out. Jolin and Alvin are looking for the Kentucky Amish mafia that is supposed to be hiding out in a barn. They eventually find a guy. He runs, they chase, and they come back with information. It was slightly disturbing that Joey is tucking in his shirt. Why is it untucked?
Alvin and Jolin are praying before they attack Paul and his Kentucky people. Jolin says if you have to ask why they pray then you won’t understand. My question is: are they praying for protection or forgiveness for what they are about to do? All the guys ran out of the barn when they hear Jolin shoot and then Alvin burns the place down. Alvin really likes fire because I don’t know how many times he has done that on the show.
Later, Paul and the boys set up a 2 buggy road block to trap Jolin and Alvin. Joey drove through those things like they were not even there as expected. On their way out of town, Joey and Alvin got stopped by the police. That is never a good thing. I bet Paul has some kind of deal with the police.
Constable Paul Castline
This is a new element to the show; the involvement of law enforcement. A man named
Paul Castline Jr., who is a “Lancaster County Law Enforcement Official”, looks to be suiting up for a SWAT team mission. According to the link, he is a constable which is not the same as a police officer. He has stun guns, real guns, and handcuffs. They had to show him shooting huge guns at a shooting range to let us know he means business. Castline is zeroing in on Lebanon Levi and his gang. Castline is not buying the caring nature of Levi. Levi is all around the community making appearances and doing charity. He thinks it is odd that they are filming what they do. At an event, the lawyer says to Levi that he has been hearing things about him and his crew. Castline is listing the crimes committed by the Amish and how they are no different than everyone else. Also in the above news story, they mention some legal issues Castline had in relation to his job.
Esther & John
Esther got a new house supplied by Levi. She was being followed by some English guys so John, her brother, came back to protect her. As a result he gets arrested for disorderly conduct. This Stephen Breit guy seems to be the lawyer to the Amish. He is always around. John shows up at Esther’s new house and expects to stay. She knows Levi won’t like it but what can she do?
Big Steve
Big Steve is being sent to Iowa to get a girl who is on Rumspringa and is being kept there by an English boyfriend. Levi said the mother of the girl asked for their help. It will be Big Steve’s first time on a plane and he said he will put his sledgehammer in his bag so he will be fine.