I was getting a bit tired of all the political and social issues dominating my weekly diatribes. This will be an all about Gemma diatribe.
There are several reasons why I should have magical powers:

    1. Most importantly because I want them
    I’ve always wanted special powers and thought well when I get older I’ll be more responsible so I’ll be granted them then. That didn’t happen. People on TV shows and movies always got powers for no reason and by the end of it all they became better people. I believe this would happen for me as well.
    2. I’m not easily moved
    I would not be swayed by people asking for selfish things like money. I probably wouldn’t help many people unless there was a real need. If let’s say a stranger is stuck in a burning building and fire people can’t get to them, then sure I’ll help there. If someone hiking on the border of Iraq and Iran get captured; I’m not doing a thing. What are you doing hiking in that area anyway?
    3. The world would be a better place
    Think how much money we could save on natural disaster clean up. Tax money can be spent on other things like filling pot holes on the roads I have to drive on. Imagine me having the ability to repair people’s ailments like cancer and polio (it seems to be making a comeback). I could snap my fingers and tumors will just disappear.
    4. I’m probably not going to try to take over the world as a whole
    Evil geniuses might use these powers to take over. Not me. I like TV. The world would become my own personal reality show. Now, I may keep an island for myself where I have my own survivor type show that people voluntarily sign-up for and win prizes, but I would broadcast that as well so everyone is entertained. My show will have life threatening situations like one day leopards will be let loose on the island and people have to try to survive that day. Any bad things that occur will be strictly minor like loud drunk people outside where I live will lose their vocal chords. That would only an effect a select few especially since where I live will be a quiet zone.
    5. You can’t see me anyway
    I’d choose to be invisible just traveling around the universe. I’d probably barely be on Earth. Maybe I could be like the old Greek gods transforming into different items and animals to mess with people.

All this would depend on what my powers actual were. I definitely want to be like Storm (X-Men) and control the weather. Also I need to be able to transform myself. I don’t want to be like Meg on Family Guy and have my only power being able to grow my nails. The best option would to have my powers be like the seasons that change at different parts of the year.

Super Gemma