Thanksgiving time at multiple houses: Coleys and Armmers. Seems like everyone eats turkey and ham except me; I hate that stuff.

Predators: Brian Brashears – Head Coach
Players Featured: Donte Goss, Shakia (mother), Andrew (father)
Kevin “KK” Brashears (son of Coach and Margie Brashears)

The injured kid is on crutches and out this week.

Outlaws: Fred Davis – Head Coach, Tony Coley – Assistant Coach, Eric Nolden – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Tamari Hayes, Tamaira (mother)
Myzel Miller, Bridget Lee (mother)
Lucas Coley (son of Coach Coley)
EJ Nolden (son of Coach Nolden)

A Film Day for the Outlaws and it looks like the whole team is just at someone’s house. Already telling the kids if they want to play college and pro football they have to watch film. Coach Davis is talking them through the last game.

NE Colts: Marecus Goodloe – Head Coach, Paul Wingate – Co-Head Coach
Players Featured: Jaden “J Boogie” Armmer, Gloria (mother), Kinton (father)
Brandon “Pip” Neely

Coach Goodloe give the kids a good talking to and right at the end the camera catches a parent saying they have these kids too soft. Umm, they are just coaches, they are your kids. He told them they need to motivate themselves to win. The Colts’ Film Day is at some kind of auditorium.

JR Broncos: Charles Chavarria – Head Coach, Lisa Connell – General Manager “Momager”
Players Featured: Colby Connell (son of Lisa and Jeff)

No air time this week.

JR Rockets: Keith Dyson – President, Isaac Quintero – Head Coach, Dave Edwards – Assistant Coach

No air time this week.

Games Featured:

2nd Round: #1 Outlaws vs. #8 Hawks 39-14

It is 40 degrees (cold for Texas) and the kids are cold. The Outlaws eventually get going but not to the normal level.

2nd Round: #4 NE Colts vs. #5 Elite 33-0

Who names their team “Elite”?

2nd Round: #11 Predators vs. #3 Mustangs 0-32

These guys drove 4.5 hours to go to this game. That’s too far for 8/9 year olds. The Mustangs were undefeated. It is 35 degrees, raining (horizontally), and seems to be night time. Predator player knocked down and crying, but he got back up. Another Predator on the ground screaming in pain and taken away in the ambulance. Of course it was their best player. And that is the end of the playoffs for them.

Quarter Final: #1 Outlaws vs. #4 NE Colts 36-14

Outlaws-Colts Part 2

Wow, this starting to feel like that last game. You know it is a good game because it is going back and forth. The Colts were just about to catch up. Man that sucks for the Colts. They are still a really good team.