JR Broncos: Charles Chavarria – Head Coach, Lisa Connell – General Manager “Momager”
Players Featured: Colby Connell (son of Lisa and Jeff)
They are having their end of season party with trophies being given out and Coach Chavarria saying how much he cares about each kid.
NE Colts: Marecus Goodloe – Head Coach, Paul Wingate – Co-Head Coach
Players Featured: Jaden “J Boogie” Armmer, Gloria (mother), Kinton (father)
Brandon “Pip” Neely
The coaches are sitting around discussing the season and what needs to change for next season. Focus is on commitment.
Kid Cougars (Outlaw’s opponents): Michael Parker – Head Coach, Jermaine Williams – President
Several of the coaches have played in the NFL (National Football League). They are atleast being complementary to the Outlaws by saying they are a good, well coached team.
Outlaws: Fred Davis – Head Coach, Tony Coley – Assistant Coach, Eric Nolden – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Tamari Hayes, Tamaira (mother)
Myzel Miller, Bridget Lee (mother)
Lucas Coley (son of Coach Coley)
EJ Nolden (son of Coach Nolden)
Lucas is watching tape of the team they will play next. To show they are not pushing their kid into play football, the parents talk about how when Lucas was in kindergarten he wrote that he wanted to be a football player when he grew up. They even pull out the paper laminated that hangs on the wall. Then, moving onto sad things like when he almost drowned. All those types of stories parents like to say about their kids.
Coach Nolden is not impressed by the ex-NFL player coaches on the other team. I feel bad for Coach Davis having to deal with this Coley trip. He even said that if Lucas isn’t playing they can still win.
Games Featured:
Semifinals: #1 Outlaws vs. #3 Mustangs 38-6
It is 37 degrees in Texas so you know they are freezing. Lucas Coley gets a flag for showboating because he held out the ball as he was running for the touchdown. You know this foreshadows the issues with him later on in the episode as advertised.
At the end of the game, Coach Davis says all the kids will drive down to the next game together. The Coley family has some kind of outing planned so they want to meet them there. Here comes the conflict.
Championship: #1 Outlaws vs. #9 Kid Cougars 31-7
I think the coaches on both teams are more intense than the players. I’m glad they let all the kids play for the Outlaws at the championship game. Outlaws are State Champs now. Myzel Miller won the player of the game award.
At the end of the show is a short visit with each team to find out the plans for next season. I have to say through this season my favorite team was the NE Colts. The coaches were entertaining, balanced, and the team knew how to win. If they do a season 2, I think I’ll be pulling for them to win.