See I’m not the only person watching this show. Be sure that I’ll be tuning into the 2nd season. Coach Chavarria of the JR Broncos team was suspended for the whole upcoming season due to his actions on the show. He told a kid to stick his helmet into another kid, knock him down, and that he didn’t care if they got back up again. Something like that. I wonder if people forget there are cameras in their faces. He has a rough season anyway with his wife (and kids) leaving him and missing the playoffs by one spot (ranked 15th when the top 14 were taken). In general, I liked the coach even though he was a bit overemotional (tears, screaming, etc.).

If you have no idea what this is about then you have missed a lot. Basically, it is a reality show about a youth football league in Texas (set mainly in San Antonio) where the kids are 8 and 9 years old. You would think it was pro football by the way coaches, parents, and fans take it. They even have radio announcers calling the games. I’m sure you can find clips on the internet if you are interested. People are talking about it mostly because they feel this could be child abuse. I don’t think so. The series is on Esquire Network if you have it.