Jolin & Alvin
Last episode, Jolin and Alvin were stopped for speeding. The cop barely searches the car. It looked like the cop car had a Pennsylvania license plate. I originally assumed that the cops were sent by Paul and the Kentucky crew but I guess not.
Big Steve
Levi thought it would be a good idea to send Big Steve to Iowa on a plane (see photo below). To see him trying to maneuver in the Philadelphia airport is funny. I feel so bad for the woman sitting next to him. Big Steve tells the black people next to him that Lebanon Levi is sending him to Iowa to do a job. It would be stranger I guess if there were no black people on a plane flying out of Philadelphia even if the destination is Iowa. He takes a cab to the house the girl is staying in, breaks down the door, gets her to the cab, and they speed away. That was easy.
Big Steve on a Plane
Wayne & Merlin
Producers track Wayne down to some English woman’s house. He is seriously telling this woman that she needs to convert so she doesn’t lose him. She said she would think about it. I don’t know why so many people let others tell them what to do. As if Wayne was the best thing that ever happened to her; I doubt that. I suppose since Wayne will lose his job and standing the community if anyone found out about his English girlfriend he has the right to be pushy about it. To convert you need permission from the bishop, confess to the Amish church, learn Dutch, and live the lifestyle for a year.
Merlin has connections to Wayne’s girlfriend’s (Karrie) family so he is trying to get “closer to her” as a way to mess with Wayne. Karrie is being taken on a buggy ride and Merlin is using her ignorance of Amish culture to his advantage. Peacock feathers are given to people like they are flowers. Caleb raises them so he has easy access to them. Merlin is giving Karrie one and she has no idea the meaning. Merlin had the nerve to say if God wants him to sleep with Wayne’s girlfriend in order to save the Amish community then that is a sacrifice he is willing to make.
Oh, so this is the same girlfriend that Merlin took out to dinner behinds Wayne’s back before. I guess I thought it would be a different girl. You would think the guys would have multiple girlfriends at a time. Wayne just saw the peacock feather in his girlfriend’s house and he is livid. As if she knew what any of that meant; she just thought it was a nice gift. Dating English people is a cause to be shunned but it seems like everyone on this show does it.
Caleb was stopped by a woman in a buggy saying 2 English kids were throwing mud at her while driving her buggy. Kids are so annoying. A news clip is shown about a drive by shooting targeting an Amish buggy where the horse died at the scene. How weird. One of the bratty kids were caught, put in a net, and hung up in a barn.
Levi wants to meet up with Caleb. He wanted things kept quiet in collecting from the community but Caleb is not sorry because he is getting the money. Next party for Caleb to plan: a field party. There are so many people at this field party. It’s just like a frat party in the middle of the woods. People falling over drunk and vomiting, but all of a sudden, the police show up and people scatter.
John and the lawyer to the Amish, come out of court. Another meeting with the lawyer and, uh oh, potential jail time unless he cooperates.
He goes to Esther to tell her to get him back in with Levi. Now, he is threating to tell Levi about her double life. Well I know about her double life from newspaper articles so he has to know as well. Home video is shown of Esther dressed to go out dancing. This gives her extra motivation to get John a job with Levi. Also she has another good reason because John needs to make money to help support the family. Initially Levi says no, however in a second meeting, Levi agrees to let John work for him but starting at the bottom.
Constable Paul Castline
Castline heard about a meeting with Amish men coming in from out of time to meet with Levi but he has an informant to get more details. Oops, the potential informant is John but he’s taking some convincing. John sent him away. Police came to the field party because of a tip from John. All John wants to do is stay out of jail so working with Castline is the way he is trying to do it.
The film crew noticed some guy following them around with a camera. After being confronted the man sped away. Levi confronts the guy with the camera later in the episode.
This Leaders’ meeting has all the leaders of Amish Aid around the country in Lancaster. Levi and Wayne are both there with it being Wayne’s first meeting. For some reason Paul, from Kentucky, is not there. Apparently the producers “convinced” someone to wear a microphone in the meeting. The Chairman is not happy with Levi doing this show with cameras. He said showing them living like English people has caused their business to decrease and an increase of police surveillance all over the country.
This was the best part:
Chairman: If Mr. Schmucker were still alive and running Lancaster, he would never do anything like this. He would never have thought about going on television. He never would have let the Amish people see him doing anything other than do Amish things. Those were the days when it was much better for us.
Levi: You have no right to say what you are saying to me. I am doing nothing but helping my community.
Chairman: Enough, Levi. I am keeping an eye on you and I am warning you to no longer do this.
Levi walks out complaining about being compared to Mr. Schmucker, who if you remember is Esther and John’s father.