Jolin got information that Amish kids may be doing things in an Amish phone booth. I love that they have those and we, English, don’t have them anymore. One day, we will have some new high tech phone system and all the Amish will have are cellphones. Two guys go into the booth Jolin is staking out and after a few minutes goes in after them. He is not happy about what he finds in there. Using information he received from them, Jolin found a meth lab in his area and he is blowing it up by shooting a propane tank next to it.
A woman came to Merlin because her husband, Andrew, has been hanging out at Hooters. Amazing, that is the bar/brothel/restaurant he finds himself at. Merlin is so righteous in front of others but his life is not so pure. After being confronted by Merlin, Andrew accepts help to leave that kind of life behind. Merlin found a way to get Andrew nominated as one of the next Preachers in the community. Preachers are just below the Bishop so you know that is important and a good ally for Merlin. They put a paper in a bible, mix up a bunch of bibles, stack the bibles, and the person who gets the bible with the paper in it is chosen (by God) to be the next Preacher. It’s like the lottery. I don’t think Andrew wanted to be a preacher either but at least his wife is happy with him again.
Under the control of Merlin, Ruck Davey steals Wayne’s truck, knocks down his shed, and allows the truck to roll into a pond.
Karrie agrees to join the church and Wayne stands on a log to kiss her. I don’t find that strange but I do find it odd that she just goes to the woods to find him. Wayne has to convince the bishop to allow Karrie to convert and that they are just friends. This girl is so dumb. She said her family has known Merlin for years and she didn’t become Amish before but now that Wayne tells her to she will. He has to be her sponsor, but if she doesn’t go through with it or the community doesn’t accept her then he could still lose out.
Caleb & Flip
The day after the field party is disrupted by the cops, Caleb gets the call to meet Levi. Levi is not happy and Alvin just watches. I would like to follow Alvin around for a week just to see what that is like. Caleb is being sent to Indiana to help one of Levi’s guys out there named Flip. That area is famous for their field parties.
Flip is running his operation alone with the area occupying several other crews wanting to take over. He is shown riding some kind of motorcycle and talking about how he likes to fight. A guy making moonshine is selling to Flip’s competition, so they want to punish him. Caleb and Flip are collecting methane from cows in bags to blow up the moonshiner’s trailer. Before they blow it up, they steal as much alcohol as they can.
Big Steve
While in a buggy, Big Steve is chasing down another Amish man in a buggy because he is late in paying Levi. The guy was taken down and told to pay or else.
John is sent to a construction site to be the new foreman but another guy says he is the foreman. It seems like Levi is still trying to mess with John. Constable Paul Castline and John are meeting in some secret place. The Constable is so pushy for no reason. I bet in real life he beats people up for information.
The Stalker with the camera is back again following Levi and the crew. He said he is a private investigator hired to follow Levi. I can’t begin to guess who could have hired that guy. So many people don’t like Levi. I would love it to be Alan. Levi gets pulled over by Castline for a talking to for fun I guess.
Since Levi was basically put in his place at the Leaders’ meeting, he realized how respected Esther’s father still is by the leaders. Now, he thinks he should marry Esther. She knows it can help her family but is concerned about Levi’s ability to get the Zeugnis. A Zeugnis is a contract issued by the church saying that the man will take care of his wife and the wife will raise their children Amish as well as be submissive to the husband. On his way to the bishop to ask permission to marry Esther, Levi has to pick up his buggy since driving his car would be inappropriate. He does not look happy when he comes out of the house.
Finally, Mary is on the show. I was wondering why she was in the Christmas special. She owns a bundling business. You can see all about it in this clip below. Esther is planning to do this as preparation for marriage.