The aftermath of Esther finding Levi in that hotel room is just crazy. Esther used Levi and Levi used Esther so I guess they are even? She seems overly upset. She says Levi has changed with the money he has gotten. It’s sad that she may have thought Levi was different than other Amish (or English) men. I like how at the end she said if a guy is going to cheat on her she might as well be English so she can have some fun. Anyone who has seen news articles about her in clubs and such knows what kind of fun she means.
All of a sudden, Esther was missing. John and the show’s producers were unable to find her. Esther calls Levi to tell him about her being beaten up. You can go to Discovery channel’s website to see the clips where Esther talks about her attacks.  Basically she had bones broken in her face, teeth missing, and a black eye. She tells Levi that she has a car, an apartment, and lots of English friends. The weird thing is that they blame all this on the English world. I know that in early episodes they talked about how Amish men abuse their wives and there is not much the women can do to stop it. It all seems the same to me. Then, John shows up and says they both need to change their lives and get away from the English influences. Levi and John have a sit down saying because of this they have to forget the past and focus on Esther. All the guys (including Alvin) are called together to see Esther and prepare to avenge her. They are railing against the English tempting the Amish people.
John is out during a full moon in the darkness as someone walks towards him. Who else but Freeman? You know they had to bring him in for Esther’s hour of need. Wow, he speaks! After seeing Esther, he actually reacts and interacts with people. You can see the video of it below. That is not the voice I imagined for Freeman. It’s a good voice though.

Alvin and Caleb were summoned to meet Levi when he returned from his trip. Alvin is in so much trouble that he is told to go. Go for now or forever, who knows. Caleb has to argue as well for no reason. The private eye is watching Levi and the Constable shows up soon after. Levi pulls Castline over to yell at him.
Levi called all his people (minus Alvin) because there are Amish girls stripping for English guys somewhere in the community. This makes me laugh. Why is this a problem? All those guys have probably been to a strip club. It is not like these guys are forcing the women to do it, they just pay them like any other stripper. Levi should be talking to the women and their families if they want to stop it. I thought these religious communities kept people in line under threat of shame. Shame them into stopping then. Jolin finds the place and goes in undercover. He leaves to get Big Steve and John to bust up the club. There were even spotlights hanging up in the barn. How clever is that?
Caleb was paid to drag a car out of a snow covered ditch with a couple horses. Do horses like doing that? He gets cornered by the Constable for some reason. Caleb has no interest in being a rat. The Constable said he know Levi is planning something big but he doesn’t know what. The show ends with all the guys preparing weapons and bombs.
Karrie’s conversion is being voted on by the community. In attendance at this meeting are Mary, Ruck, Andrew, Karrie (briefly), Wayne, and others. I’m sure you can imagine what would happen. Don’t worry; I’m going to tell you. Karrie walks in wearing a white bonnet and a pink outfit. I don’t know how many of these Amish women are wearing pink like that. Everyone has to agree but Andrew stands up to say Wayne has been screwing her. Wayne has this great look that he gets when he is angry and outraged at the same time. Now Ruck stands up to agree. Everything is on hold since they do not agree. Wayne said he is going to “bring the wrath of hell down upon” them. Perfect.
Wayne is watching Andrew’s house to get dirt on him. Andrew is dropped off late at night by a taxi. By asking the taxi driver, Wayne finds out where Andrew is hanging out and with whom. Yep, you guessed it; he is hanging out in bars with English women. Next step for Wayne? Get photos, hang them up around the community, and deliver one to the Bishop. Looks like Andrew has been “cast out” of the community. So my question is, can Amish people handle photographs but just not be in them or take them? Wow, the Bishop told Andrew he can’t contact his family again. I don’t see the punishment there. If he gets sent away that means that he can keep getting drunk at the bars with no issues.