John is pulling out the “mine name means something around here” card. Somehow he thinks being an informant to the Constable is going to take Levi down enough for him to be in charge. Does anyone think John can run anything? I don’t. Confronting Levi about your lack of work and respect won’t cut it either. John meets with the lawyer but the lawyer has no idea that he has been cooperating. That is definitely not what John thought. He imagined that his case would be dropped with all the work he had been doing. I guess not.
Levi was rejected by the Bishop to marry Esther (oh no!) so he goes to the Elder he caught with a prostitute in season 1. You knew this was coming. I don’t know how this guy can even try to refuse Levi. He wants him to use his influence with the Bishop to get Levi what he wants.
Levi is dressed in his best to present Esther with the Zeugnis. Next step is dinner with the family meaning Esther, John, and their mother (see photo). The mother is asking about his work and travel. Since her husband used to run Amish Aid she knows all about that stuff. Plus, she wants to know when her son, John, will get a better job within the organization. Levi has to say yes if he wants this marriage to happen.
Dinner at the Schmuckers

Levi calls John and Big Steve to organize a beer gathering with men in the community. Time for John to tell the law about Levi’s beer plans. The Constable is so snippy like he is too busy to get information from John. Constable Castline is enroute to bust Levi for bootlegging when an Amish man, in the middle of a field, sets fire to some hay as a signal that someone is coming. That is genius. By time Castline gets there, all the men are gone and there is nothing to be seen. Levi is going to catch on that John is the rat.
Joey (aka Jolin) is being sent to Wisconsin to help organize the Amish over there because their Amish Aid guy ran off with their money. I wonder how much that happens. I don’t know how this is going to go with him being Mennonite but as long as he has Levi’s support he should be respected. The people take Joey to this messed up barn. Did they not see the truck he drove in with? He is not going to accept a place like that.
Caleb & Flip
Limo parties now? Flip gets people liquored up before they pay to get in the limo. By people I mean Amish youngsters. Caleb, being the perve that he is, takes a girl to the back of the barn saying he will meet up with them later. The limo party got highjacked. It looks as though the people who had their shed burned down are coming to burn down their limo. This comes with a message for Levi to stay out of Indiana by order of “The Bear”. Who is the Bear? I wonder who owned that limo.
Flip is at the phone booth calling Levi to tell him about what happened and that the “The Bear” is not happy with Levi. Oh, it’s Levi’s limo. Interviews about The Bear commence. Wayne said he is a legend and the most feared Amish man in the world. That can’t be good for Levi. These legends sound like Davy Crockett or Paul Bunyan stories. Very uninteresting. Flip was told to send Caleb home and Levi said Flip is on his own. That can’t be good for Flip. So what does Flip do? He calls Merlin.
Merlin is always “all in”. He can’t just be a follower of God; he has to be a prophet. He can’t just be a prophet now; he has to be a witch doctor. Is that really necessary for Amish people to have a witch doctor? Why does Ruck know people associated with Amish witchcraft? Apparently part of it is as a healing technique but you know Merlin just wants it for the power it will bring him. He feels like he can perform miracles, great.
Merlin is sending Andrew to out Karrie as Wayne’s girlfriend to the Bishop. The Bishop said Andrew is gossiping like a woman and he doesn’t really believe. Now that he has Andrew on Wayne, he can seek out the Bear in Indiana. Once he gets there and starts asking about The Bear no one will talk to him about it.
Ruck Davey seems to be in a religious cloud if he thinks taking Wayne’s truck was the right thing to do. I’m pretty sure that Wayne did all the dirty work for Merlin so they should know he’s not playing around. Wayne stole Ruck’s trailer and put some pigs in it. I’m sure that is step one in his destruction otherwise I will be very disappointed.
This confuses me about Wayne tearing up this arcade. Is the guy supposed to turn people away? Why not stop the Amish kids from going in there? Wayne needs to get his community to reign in their kids not attack the business owner for letting Amish kids play there. He gets a talking to after church about what Andrew said. He is planning to put Karrie in hiding so he doesn’t lose his position. The Bishop said he will be watching Wayne; that is never good for business.