So the whole crew (including Freeman) is going around town attacking people who are helping Amish people get/do English things. For example, English people selling cars and drinks to these Amish kids. It’s like a rampage. At one point the private investigator is there and has a conversation with them. Can I mention that these guys are walking around in suits, no coats, in the snow (see photo)? I’m surprised they are showing so much on camera. They keep talking about how the English community is infecting theirs but they need to keep their Amish kids in check as well. English people that help the Amish are called Shepherds. As these attacks happen, Caleb is becoming more and more out of control. I guess my question is after they finish with this rampage, are they going to give up their cellphones and cars? My phone and car are not nearly as nice as theirs.

Amish Mafia Group Photo

From Left to Right: Alvin, Levi, Caleb, John, Freeman, Jolin

Andrew, after being ousted from the community, goes to Wayne’s farm and steals his peacocks. How silly is that? You know Wayne is going to come for you. Eventually, Wayne found where Ruck and Andrew were staying and got some peacocks back. No idea what happened to them. Of course the producer asked and Wayne said if you don’t shut up the same thing will happen to you. You won’t see them for a very long time.
Wayne was given the choice by the Bishop (not shown) of staying in charge of Amish Aid in Ohio or being with his girlfriend, Karrie. I’m disappointed he asked her to marry him. Is his job and standing in the community really worth this girl? I doubt it. Because Wayne is a little person the show interviewed a psychologist and a sexologist about the issues for a little and normal sized person getting together. The sex doctor said there is special furniture out there to help little with a range of positions. I had no interest in hearing any of that. Why did they feel the need to include that in the show?
It looks like with John’s extensive criminal history he is going to jail for 90 days.
Finally the black Amish guy is out of jail. Alan always goes in or out of jail at the start and end of these seasons. I can’t believe he is being approached by Constable Paul Castline to get information on Levi.
Castline asks Levi to come with him and have a conversation. Why Levi got in the car I have no idea but he came out with his lawyer. Levi goes to Esther to tell her that if something happens to him that he wants John to take over Amish Aid. Who else could he choose out of that bunch? Too bad Esther can’t run it with her brothers as enforcers. The producer asks Esther isn’t this what you always wanted and she said not like this. That is BS. I would say duh that is what is supposed to happen. Oh the lawyer advised Levi to quit the show because of all the attention Levi and his crew are getting. I guess it makes sense but as a fan of the show I’m not happy.
The Confrontation
Esther, Levi, Caleb, John, and Jolin are waiting for the camera people on the 2nd floor of a house/barn (not sure which it is). They say they are done with the show and that cameras need to be turned off. Threats are made, mostly by Esther and Caleb, and eventually the production team leaves. Later on, the lawyer serves Discovery channel with a cease and desist order to stop production on the show, Amish Mafia. I don’t like the sound of that.