Heavenly's Party

From Left to Right: Dr. Jackie, Dr. Simone, Dr. Heavenly

Kari Wells is not an official member of the cast this year. I guess the fight at her house was too much reality TV for her. A new doctor is added this season, Dr. Heavenly. I know. I hope she is evil as well.
Quad Webb-Lunceford
Husband: Dr. Gregory Lunceford – Psychiatrist
Children: none
Quad goes to see Reco Chapple at his studio (House of Chapple). I knew right away that I had seen him before. He was on the Bravo reality show, The Fashion Show, which he did not win but he should have or at least came 2nd. It seems Mariah and Quad are no longer best friends. Quad knew Reco from college and had modeled in his fashion shows. Recently she did a photo shoot for him and apparently Mariah was mad that she was asked. Mariah was asked first and declined but still felt Quad should not have been asked. Quad cries about Mariah’s “betrayal” with Reco. I’m already over it and we are 7.5 min in.
After all this time, Quad’s husband is still pushing her to have a baby. Don’t people discuss things like this before they get married? He should have said I want to get married and have a kid the next day. She should have told him what time frame she was thinking on having kids. Maybe one of them said what the other wanted to hear. He basically called her old.
Mariah Huq
Husband: Dr. Aydin Huq – Emergency room Physician (originally from Bangladesh)
Children: Lauren-Taylor and Ethan-Tyler
Mariah says her free time is spent more with family since last season. They show a dinner with her family. She talks to her nephew about being bullied by some girl and she tells him to hit her back. The phrase: hit it and quit it was used. Of course the kids are too young to know what that means. Mariah’s mother and sister ask about Quad. Reco is being blamed for the falling out by telling Quad that Mariah is jealous of her. All of sudden Mariah’s family thinks Quad is the one full of envy and staying away from her at the moment is the best thing.
Heavenly (Dr. Heavenly) Kimes – Dentist
Husband: Dr. Damon Kimes – Emergency room Physician
Children: ?
Dr. Heavenly is a dentist. She just called Toya not bright but a good person. Who says that about their friend behind their back and means it? I try not to have dumb friends because that can be annoying. She could be one of those people who like to tell you things they know that they think you don’t. I know lots of people like that. Heavenly witnessed Dr. Jackie schooling a Ms. Georgia Plus America on how being plus sized is not healthy. This woman has a script for what she says to people at an event and Jackie goes in challenging her. Then, Heavenly talks about how she is concerned about Dr. Simone coming to her party. It looks like we are starting right off the bat with these parties. Simone was dancing inappropriately with Toya’s husband well she was behind him dancing very close to him. I believe they (by they I mean Bravo) brought in another doctor to cause friction since the doctors had no conflict last year.
Simone (Dr. Simone) Whitmore – OB/GYN Physician
Husband: Cecil
Children: Miles and Michael
Dr. Simone is late for dinner and missed her kid’s football team. Her billing system is new and it is adding to her work load. Her husband doesn’t look happy about it either.
Simone is borrowing one of Jackie’s hand bags for Heavenly’s upcoming party. She said she is going to leave the paper inside because she is not going to put anything in it.
Drs. Simone and Jackie meet for lunch that looks to be outside a medical facility. Jackie tells Simone her husband regrets not having a son. Now she wants to talk about him having a kid. Simone is trying to advise her against it because she is so busy with all her side projects. She got her to agree to think about it more before bringing it up to her husband.
Heavenly’s Party
Heavenly is a bible beater and says she it is important to be submissive to her husband. Now you know the creators of this show jumped at the chance to cast this woman. She is everything Simone is not. Simone said she considers her to be a doctor’s wife and not a doctor. That says it all right there.
Everyone is at the party even Kari. A woman named Lisa Nicole is pointed out, no idea who she is. Bravo has the nerve to put up a sign that says “Kari – Toya’s Friend” like she wasn’t part of the cast last year. And we were able to hear Kari say Mariah got here before us. Quad says hello to Aydin before Mariah. Jackie is not happy with Heavenly talking to her about how she spoke to that plus sized woman. No one cares about Mariah so she wanders into the room to see what the doctors are a talking about. Jackie just told Heavenly that she is a dentist and not a medical doctor so when she wants an opinion about teeth she will ask her. Simone gets very loud with Heavenly and is asked if she needs to be escorted out. Simone said she has no problem with leaving because she doesn’t feel welcomed. The focus shifts to Jackie and Heavenly and at the end they settle their differences and hug. I don’t know why people feel the need to hug. After walking out the room and telling Quad about what just happened, Simone is confronted again about dancing with Toya’s husband. This party is all about attacking Dr. Simone. I have to say she is my favorite on the show. She leaves because of all the negative attention on her.