Left to Right: Chakiva (Ms. Georgia Plus America), Heavenly, Jackie

Left to Right: Chakiva (Ms. Georgia Plus America), Heavenly, and Jackie

Okay now Bravo this is ridiculous. Episode 3 and the opening credits change to add in Lisa Nicole. I know this is probably all digital and cost no extra money to add it but why not just do that from the start? Whatever, I guess it is your show and you can do what you want.
Mariah Huq
Husband: Dr. Aydin Huq – Emergency room Physician (originally from Bangladesh)
Children: Lauren-Taylor and Ethan-Tyler
Mariah is in bed sick so Aydin is getting the kids to help him make some food for her. He takes the top off a can and seems to have cut himself to where blood is pouring out of his finger. Good thing he is not a surgeon.
Quad Webb-Lunceford
Husband: Dr. Gregory Lunceford – Psychiatrist
Children: none
Quad and Mariah met secretly to fix their problems. According to Quad, Mariah was drunk and attacked her saying she made Quad relevant. Dr. Gregory is not happy that things are going on in public. Mariah was escorted out by security again.
Her husband plays a guitar singing about how she is going to have a kid soon. They are talking about this book she got about relationships and he is not interested. These people are crazy. Isn’t he a psychiatrist? Can’t he try to manipulate her into doing what he wants?
Toya Bush-Harris
Husband: Dr. Eugene Harris III – Emergency room Physician
Children: Ashton and Avery
Toya tells her parents about the plans for her kid’s birthday party. She is getting rides and they are telling her there is no need to spend so much. Her husband gave her a $1000 budget. Toya said in the interview that one of the rides is $1000. Isn’t that crazy? The kid is 2 and he isn’t going to remember that you spent thousands on his birthday. They should give me that money.
Lisa Nicole Cloud
Husband: Dr. Darren – Emergency room Physician
Children: At least 2

Lisa is married to a doctor but owns several businesses. She talked about doing direct sales (bringing customers to companies on commission) which I know nothing about how that works. However, she uses money from that to form other businesses like a fashion line. She met Jackie at her breast cancer event because Jackie wanted to do a fashion show of breast cancer survivors. Jackie visits her home to try on outfits.
Drs. Jackie and Heavenly are talking to Ms. Georgia Plus in Jackie’s office. Jackie apologized about what she said to her at the bowling charity event. Dr. Heavenly is still not satisfied about the situation. Jackie loves to tell Heavenly she is just a dentist so it would be easier for her to turn off from doctor mode but Jackie is always on call. Now Jackie has dismissed the beauty queen to talk to Heavenly alone. Heavenly said she lost 75 lbs and I only lost 30. But she had kids so that probably adds to the amount you have to lose. Immediately Jackie calls Simone as she should. Jackie is angrier now than she was before the meeting.
Dwight tells Lisa Nicole about what he heard about the Mariah-Quad incident. Lisa Nicole said she has Quad’s back if something happens at Toya’ party.
Simone saw on Twitter about the Mariah-Quad incident. She and her husband meet up with Mariah and Aydin at a Turkish restaurant. Mariah said she was asked to join a table with Quad and her friends but the friends were verbally attacking her. Mariah saw Quad pick up Mariah’s bag and throw it on the floor. That is different from what Quad said to her husband. Quad said she tried to give the bag to Mariah’s friends and it dropped. Mariah feels Quad used her to get into the medical circle and discarded her when her mission was done. After that, Mariah got in her car, called Aydin, and cried because she was so hurt by Quad’s actions. Simone said there has to be a reason for Quad to snap and Mariah is probably just telling the parts she wants to tell.
Toya’s Kid’s Birthday Party
Rock walls, an ice cream truck, and giant blow up things you jump in are at this 2 year old’s party. Everyone is invited. Kari is there. Heavenly told them they spent too much and she should invest it. She said otherwise the kids will grow up needing a food stamp card. In the interview, Heavenly said she just found out what that was and that it’s like a credit card. I wonder how the general audience of this show will feel about that comment. Lisa Nicole tells Heavenly and Toya about the incident with Mariah and Quad that Dwight just told her about.