Quad Webb-Lunceford
Husband: Dr. Gregory Lunceford – Psychiatrist
Children: none
Gregory and Quad discuss the incident at the fashion show. He feels she walked into that situation at the end of the night. She feels the need to be present when people are talking about her so she can defend herself. Gregory’s point is that Quad doesn’t need to stoop down to Mariah and her mother’s level because people can see how crazy they are acting towards her.
Jacqueline (Dr. Jackie) Walters – OB/GYN Physician
Husband: Curtis
Children: Kursten (step)
Jackie gets in her car after over 12 hr of work and talks about how tired she is. All of a sudden the fake baby Simone gave her starts crying in the backseat. Simone wanted Jackie to see what it was like to have to take of a little baby before she pushed the issue with her husband. Jackie said she’s not sure if she remembered to take it in the building with her the last time she went in. Oops. She is starting to rethink the having a baby thing.
Toya Bush-Harris
Husband: Dr. Eugene Harris III – Emergency room Physician
Children: Ashton and Avery
There was an armed robbery of an armored truck at a gas station near where they live. I guess I assume that crime is minimal around rich neighborhoods. Dr. Eugene being a doctor and owning a medical concierge business is slowing down their bank’s ability to determine their assets for a loan to purchase the house they want. They put $50k on this new house and the sellers are getting impatient waiting for the bank to close on the deal.
Women of Atlanta Fashion Show
The arguing continues with Mariah and Quad outside the event. Mariah left while her mother tries to tell Quad why Quad is in the wrong.
Dr. Heavenly visits Mariah and her husband with get well balloons and gifts. She we kept waiting at the door because Mariah had to a kill a spider that “jumped” at her. Apparently Aydin had an allergic reaction to the medication which caused his eyes to basically swell shut. Because this has been the last few episodes, I don’t know how much time has really passed since he had his procedure done.
Oh we got to see Heavenly start to get angry. Mariah’s mother is telling Heavenly how God has nothing to do with Reco, that he is for Satan, and how all the praying in the world won’t change that. Heavenly is very serious about her religion; it seems that is the only way to really get under her skin. The mother told her she needs to stay on Team Mariah. You know she just wants the facts but facts don’t matter to some people. Mariah admitted she taught Quad how to be a doctor’s wife and she lowered herself to make Quad feel like they were equal. I don’t see how she thinks that would not offend Quad. Heavenly thinks that she doesn’t know Mariah as well as she thought.
Dr. Heavenly’s Party
She hired a private chef. Simone, Jackie, and Lisa Nicole drive to Heavenly’s house together. Dr. Heavenly is passing judgment on the women and their marriages which doesn’t seem very Christian to me. For example, some women may be spending all of their husband’s money (camera goes to Toya) and some woman may not respect their husbands enough to take his last name (camera goes to Lisa Nicole). Jackie said (in the interview): Now she is a relationship expert? She can’t teach me anything. I’m not taking that class. Heavenly is trying to impose her gender roles on the women. She mentioned that she knows it doesn’t take this long for a house to close being that she worked in real estate. Toya is annoyed but not angry and says only she knows what goes on in her house. Simone wants to have a couples’ trip with everyone but Quad said she won’t attend if Mariah is there. They both had to leave the table. Simone comes back to the table and Jackie goes to talk with Quad. After discussion, all the women agree that Mariah brings drama but I’m not sure if that means the trip is still on.

Heavenly's Party

Left to Right: Heavenly, Quad, Toya, Jackie, Simone. (Lisa Nicole not shown)