I got my Ph.D. today in 2008, which seems like a long time ago. I’m only 75% convinced it was a good idea. I think things would have better if I didn’t graduate right before a recession. For the majority of the time since then I have been employed at the level I should be. Today, I had a phone interview and an on-site interview scheduled for next week so things are still progressing. It would be great if one of those turns into a real job but who knows.
On an unrelated note, I watched this week’s episode of Catfish last night. It was all about a girl, Sammie, who was semi-stalking barely famous actresses/singers on Twitter. She was making up other profiles, promoting their independent movies, and speaking with the women directly online. The main woman, Tracie, said Sammie was so good at promoting of her work that she considered hiring her. That all went downhill when Sammie introduced Tracie to her best friend. Reese. They all talked online. One day Sammie said Reese was in the hospital (Tracie knew Reese had cancer) and later died. A funny thing happened when Reese favorited an RIP tweet. Yep, after she died she still had access to a Twitter account. That was removed and soon after all the past tweets from Reese and Sammie disappeared from Twitter. Other things occurred like funeral videos and creepy poems. With some checking, Tracie confirmed that Reese did not exist. Tracie contacted the show to find out what happened to Sammie and if she was still around under a new name. It was a complex episode. I suggest you watch it.
I was thinking about how I need fans. People should be writing poems and such for me just because. I’m not famous so I don’t know how I can accomplish this. Maybe when I get my next real job I will have time to seek semi-fame.

Future Fame