I don’t usually review the reunion shows because it is just rehashing past arguments, but I decided to do a quick reaction to what I saw. They started out with the doctors arguing amongst themselves from what being submissive means to who is really a doctor. Of course, Simone was the loudest. I’m a doctor and I’m not offended by anything being said. There was some time spent on the Mariah-Quad storyline but frankly I’m sick to death of it. The fact that there was no camera when Quad and Mariah had their physical confrontation means I can’t believe it happened. This is a reality show people; I need to see all fights and altercations. Everything outside of that is just filler. Although, I am very entertained by the time Jackie and Simone spend together. We will never know what happened so I can’t pick a side; therefore it is a useless argument.
Simone and Toya argued constantly. Toya is still angry about how she was “disrespected” when Simone danced with her husband. They are really mad about 2 different things. Toya thinks Simone doesn’t care about her feelings on the incident. Simone thinks Toya is only upset for the cameras and if Toya was her friend she would talk to her about it in private before the taping at Heavenly’s party. Back stage, the argument continued. Toya says she isn’t going to argue in front of Simone’s son because she is going to be a good example of a mother. Then, Simone asked if being broke was a good example. Somehow that really upset Toya. It almost got physical, but people restrained them (mostly Toya). It was funny because Jackie was between them at first and then out of nowhere Quad grabbed Toya. I found it odd that Eugene, Toya’s husband, barely held on to Toya. It was a good way to end the episode. Simone is still my favorite. And why are all these physical fights involving Toya?
Simone-Toya Conflict (Reunion Part 1)
I laughed at how the woman standing to the left is looking at Toya like is she really going back in there?