Agenda / Comments:
This is the honeymoon episodes. They started in the hotel after the wedding. I have stayed in much nicer looking hotel rooms than where these people are staying. Each couple went to a different location for the honeymoon destination. The couples were given a handheld video camera to record and ask each other questions. As of the first night, they seem to be getting along with joking and such. At the end of the episode/honeymoon, the couples when on a romantic dinner so I included a photo from each.  I already decided that Doug and Jamie are my favorite couple so expect more detail there.  Every one knows you have to pick favorites on this reality shows.
The Couples:
Cortney & Jason
Jason actually carried Cortney into the hotel room. Cortney said they are going to wait to get to know each other better before taking that next step. The honeymoon is in the Poconos and I guess they didn’t get to choose that because she didn’t know what that was. Jason’s emotional job as an EMT makes him feel that people don’t understand it but Cortney seems to. Jason is not as excited with horseback riding as Cortney. Cortney confirmed that they “made a mutual decision” to consummate their marriage. Jason said there is a good possibility of him falling in love with Cortney. The work schedules may be a problem.

Romantic Dinner (Honeymoon): Jason & Cortney

Romantic Dinner (Honeymoon): Jason & Cortney

Monet & Vaughn
Monet felt Vaughn was a gentleman for not taking advantage of her liquored up state. But, really what can he do when there is a reality show going on? Vaughn did say the marriage was “consummated”. I wonder if Monet wanted him to say that on TV. Why are they having brunch with the families? That sounds odd but I’ve never been married. Okay, Monet said they did have sex so I guess she wouldn’t be mad that Vaughn said it to the camera earlier. The honeymoon is in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Apparently Vaughn has been there before and he is thinking of all the places to show her. Vaughn doesn’t feel they have a connection he expected. I love this, the first argument on the show. I, like everyone else in the world, watch reality shows for conflict. This may give me a glimpse of what is to come.
Romantic Dinner (Honeymoon): Monet & Vaughn

Romantic Dinner (Honeymoon): Monet & Vaughn

Jamie & Doug
Jamie told Doug he can sleep in the bed as long as he stays on his side and faces away from her. He said he is already feeling “romantic feelings” because she is physically his type. We all know that he is not hers though. I think Doug is trying to get on Jamie’s good side with humor and she is slowly accepting that. The honeymoon is in St. Thomas. Jamie is so freaked out still. Eventually, Jamie feels like the experts listened to what she said in her evaluations and she is much more comfortable. By the end of the episode they are all touchy feely.
Romantic Dinner (Honeymoon): Doug & Jamie

Romantic Dinner (Honeymoon): Doug & Jamie

Fun Facts:
Randomly throughout the episodes, the doctor chime in with fun facts and scientific purpose of that stage of marriage. I won’t bore you with all the details. I will just share the things I found interesting.
The show said that 52% of the newlyweds don’t have sex on the wedding night. Why should they? They have been doing the whole time. Isn’t it just another day? Plus chances are they are getting divorced anyway.
Modern honeymoons started in the mid-19th century when the Industrial Revolution allowed people to take time away from their farms. Is that true? Everyone had a farm I guess.
One of the doctors said the honeymoon is the chance for the couple to get not know each other in a new neural place. I guess that is not necessary in this case.