Taryn and Steven

Taryn and Steven

Contestant: Steven
Steven is a 35 year old freelance writer from Sydney, Australia and living in Los Angeles. He considers himself the king of the nerds but likes the “cool chick” who doesn’t usually like him. Due to the fact he falls hard for girls who don’t feel the same way, he has a hard shell around his heart which makes it harder for people to get to him. Steven already said at the start of the show that 3 naked dates means 6 boobs and he used his fingers to show 6. I feel like that contradicts his attitude on trying to find a mature relationship. Then he said it usually takes 3 or 4 dates to get his girl naked and this is a time saver. That should say all you need to know about him right there.
Contestant: Taryn
Taryn is a hair stylist from San Ramon, CA. She describes herself an outgoing girl who picks the wrong people. Others think she is high maintenance but she disagrees. No age given.
Date #1: Steven & Taryn
Steven greets Taryn with an Adam and Eve comment. How obvious. Taryn’s hair is strategically placed over her chest. Taryn said he is awkward looking and it is “crazy to her to see that there are so many types of guys as far as their package goes and all that”. They went water skiing because that is exactly what naked people would want to do. He actually said if he gets excited they are going to need a bigger boat and she said I don’t think so this is a pretty big boat. He decided to go first and was struggling to get on the skis. Taryn is not amused by his antics at all and said she likes the athletic type. That is not Steven (I say this not Taryn). She did say he looked like a duck flopping around. Of course she got right up on the skis. Back at the jungle villa, Taryn wants to play a game that if she doesn’t laugh at one of his jokes he has to take an article of clothing off. He seems shocked she didn’t laugh. That is a good way to tell him you are not funny stop talking.
2nd Dates: Ashley and Dar

2nd Dates: Ashley and Dar

Date #2: Steven & Ashley (Clemson, SC)
They went around the island riding on an ATV naked with just 1 vehicle. She has experience with it so she is driving. She is laughing at his jokes but she wants a manly man. It was funny that she called Steven feminine and a bad driver. He’s having problems with the ATV and Ashley is not impressed. They have a fruit stand set up for them with the names of the fruit there. He decided to blindfold her and feed her food. She thinks his dirty jokes are childish even though they are both sitting there naked on their first date.
Date #2: Taryn & Dar (from Israel and living in Portland, OR)
He wants to connect with someone on spiritual and philosophical level and not just physical. And he is doing this naked because he can. A naked photoshoot? She is not happy about taking naked pics on the beach. Is it often that naked photographers take pictures of naked people? Now, they look at the pictures and she is still not comfortable. She asked him if he ever dated a girl with fake hair, fake nails, and a fake tan. He said it was odd for her to ask a question in that way and that she would be more beautiful in her natural state. He did also say she needs to have more confidence in herself. I would say being naked on TV shows some confidence especially since there are uncensored video out there ready for DVDs or somewhere.
Jungle Villa (After Date 2)
Ashley really likes to drink. She told Steven: we will never bleep. That’s uncalled for while they are all there naked in the pool. Taryn is all over Dar in the pool and the camera showed them going into a room together. She said she has had sex on the first date before. Can’t people wait until you have met all 3 dates before screwing?
3rd Dates:  Marissa and Andrew

3rd Dates: Marissa and Andrew

Date #3: Steven & Marissa (Los Angeles, CA)
Marissa is a video game tester is into cosplay. Their date is basically a day at the beach. They played Badminton and she said she loves the game. Really? She has covered him with sand up to his neck with a penis formation where his head is the tip of it. She is looking for a guy who is funny with common sense. They seem to be having a lot of fun. She said she has treated guys badly in the past by treated them like candy. Some guys she has sex with on the first date like they are chewing gum: using them, spitting them out, and never wanting to see them again. No one has stood out as more than candy. Steven was not happy to hear that.
Date #3: Taryn & Andrew (Los Angeles, CA)
She is already into the guy as he is walking out of the jungle. “Definitely the type of guy I would go for at a bar.” I guess that will push Dar out. He says he is loyal, mature, and looking to commit. The date is salsa dancing, which Andrew has done before. I thought it would be lessons but it is not just them dancing with some music. They are sitting down to eat what looks like a fruit fondue. He is very picky and wanting an affectionate girl that is not high maintenance. She got nervous when he said his longest relationship was 8 months. I wonder if he would be nervous knowing she had Dar the night before?
Jungle Villa (After Date 3)
Taryn is conflicted whether to spend time with Dar or Andrew. Marissa wants to see Taryn and Andrew dance. Dar is bummed out to see the connection between Taryn and Andrew. Next were the body shots but Dar said this is what kids do. Yep, but what did he expect on a dating naked show? Intellectual conversation? Taryn told Ashley she is going to secretly meet Andrew without being obvious about it? There are 6 people out there. I think people will know if there are 2 people missing. She already invited Andrew to her room later on. Dar asked her if she was going to invite Dar to her room or not. She doesn’t want to disappoint anyone.
The Decision:
Steven picked Marissa but mentions he is not a piece of candy. Taryn picked Andrew because she liked him the most and she didn’t want to hold bad experiences with guys like him against him.