Camille & Chuck.  I wanted to show as much as Camille's tattoos as possible.

Camille & Chuck. I wanted to show as much as Camille’s tattoos as possible.

Contestant: Chuck
Chuck is from Miami, FL and manufactures women’s swimwear. He feels girl just can’t match his energy.
Contestant: Camille
Camille is a 25 year old very tattooed bartender from Las Vegas, NV. Her last boyfriend of 1.5 years cheated on her for the entire relationship and she feels she always falls for the wrong guy.
Camille & Chuck:  Titanic pose

Camille & Chuck: Titanic pose

Date #1: Chuck & Camille
They are both nervous about being naked but then he said sometimes the guy has to be the strong one and tell her don’t worry about it. I thought it was an odd thing to say but I don’t care really. She is way more nervous. She would never date a guy that wasn’t big, tattooed rocker guy. That is definitely not Chuck. The date was sailing but really they are swinging off a rope attached to the boat and dropping in the water. She is an adrenaline junky. In conversation on the boat we find out that it is hard to find genuine people in Vegas. Shocker, especially if you are hanging out in bars for work. In her spare time she refinishes furniture. They did the whole Titanic moment on the boat. (See photo). At the end of the night, they swam naked in the pool. She kissed him but didn’t feel like it would go anywhere. He didn’t feel that way.
Kristen & Robert

Kristen & Robert

Date #2: Chuck & Kristen (Beverly Hills, CA)
He was all about her boobs as she was walking to meet him. She is 42 years old. No age limit on Dating Naked. She wants to find a guy to settle down with and marry but he has to be able to keep up with her sex drive. Archery as a naked date seems so dangerous. Chuck told her if she makes this shot she gets to kiss him. She missed and he asked on his turn if there was the same deal. He made it. She thinks he is confident but not cocky. She thinks he is cute. I’m not sure how old Chuck is. She is a waitress and a sommelier. Chuck asked her if she did anything else, that is what I was thinking. They are wine tasting so this is perfect for Kristen. She is teaching him how to enjoy wine but he’s not very interested in that. He asked if she had ever been in love, she said yes, and asked her how it felt. He said something like you don’t know how good it was until you experience the heartbreak. Yawn. She kept looking down at him. She is into kinky things: toys, rubber tassels, etc. He said now he is nervous.
Date #2: Camille & Robert (Casselberry, FL)
He said it is good to see what is underneath the clothes because everything else is superficial. Not really. I think that is supposed to be on the inside not underneath. She said she is trying not to look at his penis which is as she describes like a baby’s arm holding an apple. I’ve heard that before and never understood it. What size apples do people eat? Apples are going to be way bigger than the end of a penis. They are playing pool. He is 22. She’s concerned about that. They are rolling cigars. She said she is very sexual person and wants to know what type of person he is. He said he rather please than get himself off. As a potential red flag, according to Camille, Rob as previously been engaged.
Jungle Villa (After Date 2)
Chuck came to villa naked. Eventually they all got naked in the pool. Camille mentioned again the perils of dealing with “the younger guy”. Chuck is all about Kristen. Kristen told him he’s not coming in her room. Chuck was left at the front door for the 2nd date in a row. Again, he is disappointed. Kristen said she doesn’t want to be too easy because guys like a challenge. Meanwhile, Camille invites Robert to her room and the camera watches them make out through the window.
Michelle & Julian

Michelle & Julian

Date #3: Chuck & Michelle (Chula Vista, CA)
Michelle works at a beauty salon and likes to have fun. They are building a raft so they could float/row over to a shelter in the middle of the water. They finally make it to the shelter. The “have you been in love” question is asked again. Chuck with another line: Love finds you when you least expect it. Geeze. Now he is torn between Michelle and Kristen.
Date #3: Camille & Julian (Garland, TX)
Camille is starting to like Robert so she is concerned about how this next date will go. He is already excited so it makes Camille even more nervous and uncomfortable. You would think she was going to twist the hair out of her head. They are doing hot yoga as their date. Julian is just excited the whole time. Why go on a naked dating show if you know that will be a problem. He didn’t seem embarrassed until the yoga. He tried to adjust and “push it down” but to no avail. He’s into sci-fi and aliens. I knew that because I saw the spaceship tattooed on his back with the green beam coming down.
Jungle Villa (After Date 3)
Chuck is naked again. Michelle is concerned that she and Kristen maybe very similar. Kristen is concerned about Michelle because she will probably do whatever it takes to get Chuck. Chuck broke it down like this Michelle is bubbly champagne and Kristen is sophisticated wine. Camille still feels like she has a connection Robert. Julian is by himself until Michelle got bored and started talking to everyone but Chuck. Kristen didn’t let him in the room again. While he was doing that Michelle ran off.
The Decision:
Camille picks Robert even though she is still weary because she doesn’t usually touch anyone under 30. Chuck said the Kristen rejected him twice because she didn’t let him in her room at the end of the night. People are so skanky; that should be a clue to him that she is not slutty (or at least the appearance as such). Chuck picked Kristen after all and Michelle was visibly annoyed. Camille and Robert were making out in front of everyone before being told to move on.
In the updates, Camile and Rob went into a room together “and haven’t been seen since”. Chuck and Kristen took it to the next level and Chuck got into more trouble than he can handle in a good way.